I am a twenty-two year old girl, with a name like a small brass instrument (duuulcie horn!), living the sweet life in Bristol in the UK. 

This blog was originally started in late 2011 when I was doing an Art Foundation in Exeter as a place to record my work and research. Now I'm currently in my final year of an English & Journalism degree it has become something different. 

 I natter about all sorts from food to feminism to fashion to festivals and probably also topics that don't begin with f.... 

 This is a PR friendly blog and I would love to write about and review products, eat food, host giveaways etc. if I feel your product fits in to the aesthetic of my blog. To contact me about anything you can email me on dulcie.hello@gmail.com or tweet me! ♥

Other things I get up to... 

Editing my university Arts and Culture magazine WESTWORLD. Find previous issues, read more on our site, follow us on twitter and give us a like on facebook

Feathered fancies for festival freaks. Check out my main business Dulcie's Feathers; like it and have a shop

Treasure Tribe are extraordinarily shiny, explosively happy, glitter titted twinkle twits with fresh fantasy festival face fabrication facilities! (High grade face glittering services basically.

I also face paint and sell at festivals with the wonderful Bristol based crews The Fashpack & Bristol Bazaar.

A bit more writing online...

Bristol 24/7




  1. Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I recently came across your blog and I am really enjoying reading it. It is absolutely lovely. I'm now following you via bloglovin' :)

    JJ x

  2. Aw love your blog the pictures are so nice! found your link on the bristol fashion week blogger event facebook.. hope to see you there! x



    1. Thank you & yeah I'll see you there! x

  3. These photos are way too much fun ;)


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