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Outer space Festival Fashion selections ready for Secret Garden Party

My favourite July festival, Secret Garden Party, is this weekend! SGP is aaaaall about the dressing up and this year's theme is 'The Gardener's Guide to the Galaxy' so I have created my own personal gardener's guide to the galaxy of garms split into three different spacey themes to give you a heap of costume inspiration, hair and beauty ideas and introduce you to some fabulous festival designers.

Space is definitely a regular festival fancy dress theme but that's cause it's perfect for whacky, sparkly ideas. Bestival's theme this year is 'The Future is Here' so there could definitely be some crossovers in your outfit buying! There is a huge wealth of space related popular culture to mine for ideas but your costumes are really only limited to how wild your imagination can go... The main thing to remember is to grab your towel and DON'T PANIC!
Secret Garden Party 2016, alien fancy dress, space costume, glitter make-up, holographic rain coat, Burnt Soul, Fuud, sequins, festival,

O t h e r w o r l d l y

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft! For all you wannabe extraterrestrials what you do with your hair and make-up is essential. Sequins, glitter, metallic lips and scale effect face paint are all ways to get that alien look. If you don't want to do your own facial embellishment be sure to visit the Miss Lippy crew who will be able to jazz you up on site. I love this holographic rain-coat from Topshop - considering the weather at SGP last year a rain coat is a vital addition to your packing. This silver leotard/swimsuit from Burnt Soul is great (that panel in the middle is reflective!), throw this iridescent teal sequin cape from Fuud on top for instant martian chic. Lady Jane Sequins is my favourite ethical sequin outfit creator - one of her amazing Sequin Kimonos could get you spaced up in seconds. 
Secret Garden Party 2016, space themed festival fancy dress, costume, Barbarella, space babe, h0les, laquadaze, pink alien, space cadet

Retro space BABE

For this look think laser guns, helmets, antennae, silver boots and conical bras. For hair go full on Barbarella blow-dry or opt for a bright shiny bob wig... This mega-shouldered shiny dress is the epitome of this look - find it on CoquetryClothing on Etsy and be sure to look through the shop for more similarly whacky designs. For something a bit more versatile I love this stretchy pink galaxy two-piece from my friend at Laqadaze - you can get one at a discount on the Crowdfunder she is currently running! For the ultimate in galactic accessories these kaleidoscopic glasses from h0les are trippy perfection.
Secret Garden Party 2016, space theme fancy dress, seven of nine, Leia, star, shooting star costume, glitter, sequins, festival

*Star* Girl

The classy answer to space babe, be a classic sci-fi character: Princess Leia in her robes, Star Trek voyager's sexy cyborg Seven of Nine, Farscape's Aeryn Sun, a time lord of Gallifrey... can you tell I really used to be into sci-fi? Or be a star yourself in this Crown and Glory headband and for glitz go for this gold flaked glitter pot from Dust & Dance - best thing is about buying from them (aside from their fabulous selection of chunky glitter mixes!) is that 10% the proceeds go towards YoungMinds a young people's mental health charity. Or how about the ultimate silver sequin tasselled mirrorball bodysuit?

Find all the picture sources on my pinterest and stay tuned for a write-up about That Thing's festival designer showcase I attended on Friday. You can see my Secret Garden party adventures from 2014 here and follow me on instagram to keep up with all my festival fun this summer.

Bonus shot of us being intergalactic chicks on New Year's Eve...
Space themed festival fancy dress, sequins, glitter, purple hair
Photo by Matthew Smith. 



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