Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Glitter lovin' at Lovebox & Citadel Festivals '15

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I've still got so many festival posts still to catch up on but I think that rainy January days with a snotty nose are quite good times to do it. The new year means the days are finally getting longer and longer days means its nearly summer! Just four months until next festival season 
Lovebox festival, Miss Lippy, glitter
'Cherry lambrini' crown by Gypsy East, sunshine earrings by Tezla Designs, cape by Capes Capes Capes - photograph by Jenna Foxton.
Lovebox festival, Miss Lippy, glitter
Lovebox festival, Miss Lippy, glitter

In mid July I ditched the soggy fields and went to a city-centre festival for a change to work with the Miss Lippy glitter gals. Read more about Miss Lippy and the rest of my pick of the best festival glitter artists.

Lovebox in Victoria Park wasn't my favourite thing ever; the crowd was pretty young, drunk and aggy and there was a lot of corporate sponsorship... but after a month of camping festivals it was actually a relief to be able to walk along the canal back to my friend's comfy flat and bed. I must be getting old!

We were squidged in-between OOTOGypsy East in our own lovely area and the sun was beaming all weekend. I went to some really fun afterparties and saw Little Dragon on the Saturday which was lush. Also there was a different festival on the same site on the Sunday; Citadel. It was a welcome change with lots of acousticy/folky vibes and a more family crowd, I especially loved Ben Howard's headline set in the evening.
lovebox festival, silver catsuit, tirade 13, festival style, floral crown, gypsy east
Sarah in a lush Tirade 13 catsuit (I've got one now too!)
Lovebox festival, floral crowns, glitter
Lovebox festival, floral crowns, glitter
Lovebox festival, floral crowns, glitter
lovebox festival, floral crowns
Most pictures by me & a few by Sylvie the gypsy 

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