Monday, 12 October 2015

moodboard & mixtape : and i'll run run run like the bullet from a gun

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Accidental blogging hiatus strikes again! Whooooops.

I managed to squeeze in something like 12 festivals this year including some very last minute ones:  Festival No. 6 where I worked with the lovely S'Juice Me gals & a quick trip to the Isle of Wight for Bestival where I worked with a the fantastic charity Eighth Plate and of course a little one dayer at Tokyo World with the Fashpack crew.

But October has very quickly slapped me in the face and now I'm back at uni learning all of the stuff and trying to do third year properly.....! So here's a colourful moodboard and mixtape to try and push away those oncoming winter blues. This week I am thankful for:

WESTWORLD! It's my third year as editor of my uni newspaper's arts & culture supplement and I'm so chuffed how this one is looking, I'll be able to show you soon!

Roller derby. So ever since seeing Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore looking totally badass in the 2009 film, Whip It, I've always thought Roller Derby was the coolest thang ever... It turns out there is a thriving roller derby community in Bristol and they have 2 hour drop in sessions for just a fiver on Thursday nights! I loved it last week and will definitely return... let's see how long it takes me to get too bruised and whimp out...!

Gal pals & lady loves. Not wanting to get too mushy but after this summer I have some truly fab female friends dotted all over the place. Big up the sisterhood!

Mixtape 008.

01.  'Loner' - Kali Uchis
02.  'Stranger Lover' - Ibeyi
03.  'Twice' - Little Dragon (I joined the Little Dragon party super late after being wowed by them at Lovebox & Bestival, glad I did though!)
04.  'Dear' - Anna McLuckie
05.  'Motherlover' - Toyface (I was lucky enough to hang with the gorgeous talented Tamsin lots in the People's Front Room at Bestival this summer, check her stuff out!)
06. 'Morning light' - Dizraeli
07. 'Doing the right thing' - Daughter


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