Monday, 1 June 2015

Laura Ashley Craft Day

A couple of months ago (time is flying this year!!?) I was invited along to a rather civilised Laura Ashley craft day by the lovely people at Joe Blogs. I'd never been along to any Joe Blogs events before and this one definitely sounded right up my street... a chilled out day of crafting with free access to heaps of gorgeous fabrics provided by Laura Ashley and instruction directed by The Crafty Hen

Hanging out with some fellow bloggers, chowing sarnies and doing a bit sewing definitely trumps my usual pre-festival-stressed-out-midnight-sewing-machine-madness!

We got stuck straight in using some of their lush printed fabrics to cover cute notebooks. I made one for my mum! After that we had a spot of lunch and made the most of At-Bristol's lovely balcony areas.

The second activity was to make accessories from Suffolk Puffs, which as someone aptly pointed out really sounded more like regional breakfast cereal than a frilly fabric thing...

I made a pink & green fascinator with the help of a lot of double sided sticky tape and glue gun action. And then I only went and bloody won the prize for the best one! You can see a close up here... I'm definitely putting that on my millinery resumé / I'm definitely now making a millinery resumé.

Emily from Mermaid Gossip always staying true to her colour scheme...!

You can read Laura Ashley's write up of the day here & thank you to Joe Blogs for putting it on!

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