Monday, 8 June 2015

good vibrations festival '15

A few snaps of a little one down in Bournemouth back in April that my friend put on for his uni course, loads of lush music, campfires, poetry, workshops&  beautiful decor.

Hopefully they'll do it again next year. Check out the Good Vibrations website here.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Laura Ashley Craft Day

A couple of months ago (time is flying this year!!?) I was invited along to a rather civilised Laura Ashley craft day by the lovely people at Joe Blogs. I'd never been along to any Joe Blogs events before and this one definitely sounded right up my street... a chilled out day of crafting with free access to heaps of gorgeous fabrics provided by Laura Ashley and instruction directed by The Crafty Hen

Hanging out with some fellow bloggers, chowing sarnies and doing a bit sewing definitely trumps my usual pre-festival-stressed-out-midnight-sewing-machine-madness!

We got stuck straight in using some of their lush printed fabrics to cover cute notebooks. I made one for my mum! After that we had a spot of lunch and made the most of At-Bristol's lovely balcony areas.

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