Thursday, 8 January 2015

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Hello, hello, bonjour! This used to be one of my favourite post series but it's been over a year since I last wrote one, so welcome back to the moodboard and mixtape series. Alongside this I'll also be taking a little leaf out of Lisette from Lisette Loves popular Thankful Thursday posts and celebrating what I am most grateful for this week.

finding lost things : I lost my purse on the bus last Saturday and the bus driver himself knocked on my door three days later to return it!! So wonderful ♥ I also found a memory card that I thought was stolen along with my camera back in September so I've got all the SGP and Shambala pictures to share.

sales : I went a little bit mental in the ASOS sales this year but definitely got some steals; 3 jumpers was perhaps a bit excessive but at least I'm going to be pretty cosy for the foreseeable future.

the sisterhood : I'm not usually keen on video bloggers but I found the youtube videos of Laura & Megs (geniuses) through the blog of Emma (also a genius) last week. Together they call themselves Superlatively Wonderful and I especially loved their 20 things I learnt in my 20s video. Well worth a watch!

Mixtape 004.
01. 'Change' - Lucie Zara (this one is special cause its my friend, go give it a like and share!)
02. 'The Blood I Bled' - The Staves
03. 'The Concept of Freedom' - Will Varley
04. 'The Depths' - Dizraeli & the Small Gods
05. 'My song 5' - Haim ft A$AP Ferg 
06. 'I forget where we were' - Ben Howard

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