Thursday, 17 December 2015

moodboard & mixtape : i still see your bright eyes

DISCO CHRISTMAS theme for today's mood board! Never too many sequins...


Bristol in Winter... I'm not enjoying the weather but Bristol has loads of lovely markets and Christmassy things going on at the moment and ample opportunities for mulled cider consumption. Last week I went to Picton Street Christmas Fayre which is unbelievably beautiful. This week I'm hoping to check out the Christmas Pop-up at the Island.

Festive friends! We're having a 'friend'mas meal on Sunday... complete with Secret Santa & party games.

New year's anticipation... I'll be working New Year's Eve spreading some glitter love at The Final Frontier; space themed new year's extravaganza!! I'm getting way too excited about my costume. Hopefully the next day I'll be able to make it down to Motion for their NYD party as well...

Mixtape 009.

01. 'Waterloo' - Abba
02. 'Stand Up' - Hindi Zahra
03. 'New York' - BOY
04. 'Gypsy' - Fleetwood Mac
05. 'Matilda' - Wolf Alice (Live lounge cover of Alt-J)
06. 'You and Me' - Moglebaum (at Meadows in the Mountains!)
07. 'Hello' - Adele (well obviously!)


Saturday, 12 December 2015

Christmas #BlogClub at Bath and Unwind

On Thursday I popped down to the #BlogClub Christmas do which was held in Bath and Unwind's gorgeous open plan offices. Everyone was looking their sparkliest, the prosecco was flowing and I got to know lots of lovely bloggers I hadn't met before. We took part in some festive activities, including a spot of ginger bread man decorating... Mine didn't last very long though.

Because I haven't sorted out my post-Bestival camera situation yet, lovely Tara of The Style Rawr took these pictures of me looking mega festive. The stripey metallic playsuit was a bargain in the Topshop sale last year and the vintage green velvet shirt was nicked from my flatmate. The sparkly heels are the only pair I own and were only £15 from Pradamark, I wear them around the house a lot... The bee necklace is from Eclectic Eccentricity, my absolute favourite jewellery shop. 


Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The Creatives : Robyn from Burnt Soul

Burnt Soul, lycra, catsuit, lace panels
Last month I interviewed Robyn Lythe, a Bristol fashion designer who started her own lycra party wear brand ‘Burnt Soul’ in 2013, for WESTWORLD's 'How did I get here feature?' She's got loads of tips on how she's made it in the industry, so listen up wannabe fashion designers and business galdem!

I visit Robyn’s studio in Southville to pick up an exciting package of stretchy attire for our photo shoot. I’m used to seeing her pieces cutting shapes across the festival circuit so I was intrigued to see where they were dreamt up. For a studio in a spare bedroom it’s a hive of activity… Robyn’s assistant Anna is tapping away on a laptop next to a stack of post office receipts, three expectant sewing machines line the opposite wall, calendars covered in highlighter mark upcoming collections and deadlines whilst tempting fabric samples burst from cupboards. 

The girls are reeling from one of their busiest weeks to date. Bits of mirror tile accidentally stuck to the huge cutting table in the middle of the room are the only debris from an exciting project* they had last week. “I woke up one morning to an email that was beyond anything I had expected at this stage. I also had a deadline for Ella Eyre’s tour outfits fast approaching and as well as being in the middle of designing a sports range ready for the Christmas period but there was no way I could say no. Thankfully I had my amazing interns and some very generous friends that came to lend a hand. We got the project finished and sent off with minutes to spare. Even though I’d had about 2 hours sleep, it felt amazing to have achieved all that in such a small space of time and then get to see one of my creations come to life on Ella that night at the O2 as well.”
Burnt Soul, purple tiger, lycra, catsuit, festival wear
Burnt Soul, leotard, zebra, glitter, mesh panels,


Thursday, 26 November 2015

Ice & Pies : Christmas time in Bristol

For some people it's the Coca-Cola truck advert, for others it's the first door of their advent calendar... for me it's often a festive blogger event that marks the start of my Christmas!

I met up with some blogger babes a couple of Friday nights ago to embark on an evening of winter activities beginning at Pieminister in St Nicholas' market. It was the weekly night market and so busy that we could barely wiggle our way through to our seats. As an extra treat, the Christmas lights were being switched on as we were taking our seats by the one and only Bristol legend Big Jeff!
Gormless pie face / pie in face-face
If you've read my blog for a long time you'll know my love for Pieminister. I visited it in St Nicks market when I had just started uni (so long ago!) and supported their Cattle Drive charity campaign... I also may have cried with happiness into one at Shambala this year. So this was my ideal Friday dinner!

We were lucky enough to be trying some pies from the new Christmas range before they went on sale to the public - the vegetarian offering was the Christingle, a honey roast parsnip, mature cheddar, leek and chestnut pie. I also detected a bit of cranberry in there which was a super Christmassy touch! Of course it was accompanied by the whole shebang, or 'The Mothership' option, a generous helping of creamy mash, minty mushy peas, mature cheddar cheese, shallots and of course the finest veggie gravy.

Pie anticipation from Sophie and Amie
It wasn't an eating contest (but I definitely won)
After our dinner we waddled down to At-Bristol and were blessed with a pretty decent gap in the evening's torrential rain to have a whizz on the lovely out door ice rink there. Me and Tara took to the ice like some very clumsy ducks to water and I even managed to pry Amie and Sophie away from the rail a couple of times!
Sophie from Saints on a Plane,  Hayley from Ceriselle, Victoria from She and Hem,  me looking like a christmas bauble & Amie from Credit Crunch Chic.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Kate MccGwire's fearsome feathers at the RWA

I've been a fan of Kate MccGwire since I was doing my art foundation. I stumbled across her work whilst researching for a bird themed projected and was immediately smitten... you could say that she spawned my fascination with feathers ever since! 

Back in September I got my first chance to see her work in the flesh at the RWA where she was doing a join exhibition with Peter Randall-Page. Her uncanny sculptures (look closely, they're all made from feathers!) were just as I'd imagined they'd be in real life and certainly didn't disappoint, the large and bright space in the RWA was perfect for them. I particularly enjoyed some of the framed pieces which were something I hadn't seen as much of before - could be a really interesting thing to try and recreate myself. 

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Capes capes capes... and some more sequin festival capes at Shambala Festival

festival cape, puckoo couture, capes capes capes, sequin cape, Shambala festival, festival style,
festival cape, puckoo couture, capes capes capes, sequin cape, Shambala festival, festival style, festival cape, puckoo couture, capes capes capes, sequin cape, Shambala festival, festival style,
This summer after much encouragement/nagging from myself, my good friend Lucie finally started making her fabulous sequin capes to sell! At Shambala festival she got a stall in The Fashpack tent with me and they were so popular that she nearly sold out...

The cape you can see here was kind of the don of all capes though, the most glorious specimen... and as such Lucie didn't know quite how to price it, so decided to hold a raffle. You can see a video of it being drawn here... it gets pretty tense!

Naturally we couldn't give it away until we had some photographs documenting its marvellousness, so voila! 

Here is me on two hours sleep prancing around in a borrowed Puckoo Couture catsuit (matches my hair so good, right?) trying not to get any mud on this wondrous creation. Even though I was in the midst of a festival I still got some funny looks whilst pulling super hero poses in the mud...! 

festival cape, puckoo couture, capes capes capes, sequin cape, Shambala festival, festival style,
All of these snaps are by Lucie's lovely & talented boy Ben. You can see more of her creations or contact her to order your very own sequin cape on her Facebook page; capes capes capes!  

I will be posting about the rest of my Shambala festival soon... in the meantime have a look at my post from last year's festival

Tuesday, 13 October 2015


First issue of the year for the uni arts & culture supplement I edit. Even though its just a little mini issue, I'm particularly pleased with how nicely this one came together in such a short space of time! I've freshened up the design for this issue & I'd love to know what you guys think.

Check out our tumblr,, for even more content & follow us on twitter.

Monday, 12 October 2015

moodboard & mixtape : and i'll run run run like the bullet from a gun

colour, collage, moodboard, rainbow, Meadham Kirchoff, Fred Butler, nail art,
Accidental blogging hiatus strikes again! Whooooops.

I managed to squeeze in something like 12 festivals this year including some very last minute ones:  Festival No. 6 where I worked with the lovely S'Juice Me gals & a quick trip to the Isle of Wight for Bestival where I worked with a the fantastic charity Eighth Plate and of course a little one dayer at Tokyo World with the Fashpack crew.

But October has very quickly slapped me in the face and now I'm back at uni learning all of the stuff and trying to do third year properly.....! So here's a colourful moodboard and mixtape to try and push away those oncoming winter blues. This week I am thankful for:

WESTWORLD! It's my third year as editor of my uni newspaper's arts & culture supplement and I'm so chuffed how this one is looking, I'll be able to show you soon!

Roller derby. So ever since seeing Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore looking totally badass in the 2009 film, Whip It, I've always thought Roller Derby was the coolest thang ever... It turns out there is a thriving roller derby community in Bristol and they have 2 hour drop in sessions for just a fiver on Thursday nights! I loved it last week and will definitely return... let's see how long it takes me to get too bruised and whimp out...!

Gal pals & lady loves. Not wanting to get too mushy but after this summer I have some truly fab female friends dotted all over the place. Big up the sisterhood!

Mixtape 008.

01.  'Loner' - Kali Uchis
02.  'Stranger Lover' - Ibeyi
03.  'Twice' - Little Dragon (I joined the Little Dragon party super late after being wowed by them at Lovebox & Bestival, glad I did though!)
04.  'Dear' - Anna McLuckie
05.  'Motherlover' - Toyface (I was lucky enough to hang with the gorgeous talented Tamsin lots in the People's Front Room at Bestival this summer, check her stuff out!)
06. 'Morning light' - Dizraeli
07. 'Doing the right thing' - Daughter


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

'Sound & Colour' - some lush photographs of Alfresco Disco by Kane Rich

My talented chum Kane took some gorgeous photographs of an Alfresco Disco party I was working at a few weeks ago which I thought I would share with you... these are mainly of me leaping about in a purple unitard but you can check out more of his work on Kane Rich Photography.

Prolific party people Alfresco Disco celebrated their tenth birthday earlier this year with the 'Rave of the Decade' a 90's themed party at Weston Super Mare's Grand Pier... yet somehow I still hadn't been to a single one until a couple of weeks ago. It is very rare for me not to be at a festival on a summer weekend so, sandwiched neatly in-between Boomtown and Shambala, their 'Sound and Colour' event was a great chance to finally check it out... (its pretty hard to have a quiet weekend in Bristol!).

They never announce the line-up or the location of their parties but they have such a good reputation that they don't need to - events always sell out in advance. I went along to this one to do some face painting with The Fashpack girls and I was super chuffed when I found out it was at the beautiful old venue of St. George's which happens to be literally just across the road from my flat!


Monday, 3 August 2015

Jamaica Street open studios

Bristol, Jamaica Street Artists, painting, art, open studios, Stokes Croft
Bristol, Jamaica Street Artists, painting, art, open studios, Stokes Croft, sculpture, Ram's headBristol, Jamaica Street Artists, painting, art, open studios, Stokes Croft, hummingbird, embroidery
A sunny Friday a couple of months ago, just after returning from Bulgaria (more on that very soon!), my friend Jess and I toddled over to Stokes Croft for a couple of drinks and stumbled over the Jamaica Street open studio night. I'd always had a nosy in at the Jacknife printing studios when strolling past but never known what was hiding above 

Jamaica Street Artists hosts a mega 5 floors of gorgeous bright studios so we spent plenty of time looking around at the work on show. From video installations to illustration, fine art painting and sculpture, t-shirt designs and linocuts there was definitely a diverse array of work which we pored over in detail with a few glasses of wine in hand! 

I really loved seeing the gorgeous work of Maximillian Malone (below) in the flesh; he makes beautiful collage pieces. You might remember me mentioning his Collage Club previously and I also featured his art in WestWorld last term.
Bristol, Jamaica Street Artists, art, open studios, Stokes Croft, collage
Bristol, Jamaica Street Artists, art, open studios, Stokes Croft, collage, playing cards
Bristol, Jamaica Street Artists, art, open studios, Stokes Croft, collage
Our favourite work by far was that of Romina Berenice Canet (below). We were completely enamoured by her kooky& unncanny handmade dolls... I think we popped back twice to keep looking at them!
Romina Berenice Canet, art, dolls, Jamaica Street, bristol, doll maker
Romina Berenice Canet, art, dolls, Jamaica Street, bristol, doll maker
Romina Berenice Canet, art, dolls, Jamaica Street, bristol, doll maker
Romina Berenice Canet, art, dolls, Jamaica Street, bristol, doll maker
Romina Berenice Canet, art, dolls, Jamaica Street, bristol, doll maker

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Forest goddesses - new feather headdresses in stock now.

feather headdress, festival, headpiece, feathers, handmade, hippie, boho fashion,
feather headdress, festival, headpiece, feathers, handmade, hippie, boho fashion,
feather headdress, festival, headpiece, feathers, handmade, hippie, boho fashion,
feather headdress, festival, headpiece, feathers, handmade, hippie, boho fashion,

I've put a few new headpieces up on the store today and also restocked a few capes; they're perfect for any festivals you might have coming up.

I've got a couple of weeks off at the moment, but next week I'll be heading to Lovebox and then Secret Garden Party, Port Eliot Festival, Boomtown, Shambala, Arcadia & Avant Garden Festival...! Phew.

You can keep up with all of these on my Instagram and see any new headdresses I've been making. 
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