Monday, 10 November 2014

Shop Dutty, photo shoot & feature

Shop Dutty, Bristol, graffiti, Puckoo Couture,

A few weeks ago I helped to organise a fashion shoot to go with an article I wrote for WestWorld about the ladies who run Shop Dutty in Stokes Croft. Here is my selection of favourite pictures from that day and you can read the full feature on the WesternEye website. It includes some words of wisdom about how Joh & Louisa got into the fashion industry and what to do if you're thinking about starting your own business.

Shop Dutty, Bristol, graffiti, disney, dungarees, fashion, 90's
Shop Dutty, Bristol, graffiti,  fashion, 90's
Shop Dutty, Bristol, graffiti, phone box, fashion, aztec, Bitching & Junkfood

The photographer for the shoot was the very talented Merryn and the model & stylist is my gorgeous friend Jahdine, go check out their blogs! You can also see what other delights Shop Dutty has to offer on their website.


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  2. These are some lovely photographs x

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