Saturday, 26 April 2014

Coming soon... Field Guide!

Photograph by Sabrina, model wearing a Dulcie's Feathers piece.

I thought I'd let you all know about my friend's exciting project which is launching on Monday 5th. 'Field Guide' is going to be an online magazine celebrating the production, lifestyle and fashion surrounding festivals worldwide. I've personally been waiting for something like this for ages so I'm so excited to see what is produced and to hopefully get involved myself! In the run up to the launch of 'Field Guide', they are going to be giving away some Dulcie's Feathers headdresses. Go go go and give Field Guide's facebook page a like to keep updated!!

Festival season is creeping up scarily fast now... this year so far confirmed I have Love Saves the Day, Balter Festival, Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party and Beautiful Days. I'll need to get a lot more headdress made before I can afford to organise any more... Are any of you going to any festivals?

Monday, 21 April 2014

sunshine strolls and summer snacks.

ootd, primark playsuit, floral, crown and glory, hatherleigh, devon,
Strawbridge, hatherleigh, river

On Friday I came back to Devon to spend the bank holidays with my fam and luckily got to be in the countryside for this weekend of glorious weather! On Friday afternoon I donned my 'easter bonnet', the gorgeous Meadow Garland Crown in Plum from Crown and Glory, and went down to my favourite local river spot with some friends and a picnic.

The sunshine coming out is definitely an excuse for big accessories! This headpiece is one of my favourites but I've taken it on some mad nights out (and probably sat on it a few times) which has caused a few of the delicate details to fall off, so if you're thinking of getting a similar one, be gentle! Carrying on the floral theme you can also have a peek at my favourite new purchase. This short playsuit is the most versatile item ever; it's really comfy with a lovely cut out detail on the back and a simple monochrome floral print... but best of all it was only a FIVER from Primark! Bargain!

summer, barbecue, quesadilla, avocado, fresh salsa, recipe, mexican
summer, barbecue, quesadilla, avocado, fresh salsa, recipe, mexican
summer, barbecue, quesadilla, avocado, fresh salsa, recipe, mexican, bulgar wheat

I came home late that afternoon for a dinner in the garden with my parents. As a vegetarian I have to think outside of the box a bit for what I'm going to munch on at a barbecue. Ours luckily has a griddle on it so quesadillas are the perfect alternative to veggie meat substitutes or vegetable kebabs. Last summer when I was working on a Mexican food stall I made and ate a lot of these bad boys, so I'm a bit of a pro!

simple quesadilla recipe:

01. Put half a tortilla wrap on the griddle (or use a frying pan on a low heat with a small amount of oil) and sprinkle a thin layer of grated cheddar & mozarella cheese. Don't be tempted to overfill as it will splurge out of the sides and the whole thing will fall apart!

02. Next comes a thin layer of salsa. For fresh salsa; dice some tomatoes and onion then finely chop some chilli and coriander or garlic. Mix these together with a bit of lemon juice, pepper and salt. Shop bought salsa works just as well though, I personally like a mixture of the two for the different textures!

03. The final ingredient we used on the stall was some slices of fresh avocado; my favourite! You can put a variety of different things in at this stage though; refried beans, vegetable chilli or for a Mediterranean twist you could add some sliced black olives.

04. Fold and cook until both sides are lightly toasted and the cheese is melted. I ate mine with a side of scrummy feta & bulgar wheat salad and a bottle of cider. Yum!

How have you been enjoying the sunshine?

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Friday, 4 April 2014

fashion show : Harvey Nichols SS 2014

Last Tuesday my blogging pal, Amie, and I were once again treated to a wonderful evening by Harvey Nichols. We headed to the centre of Bristol and the beautifully hidden historic Cutlers Hall for their Spring Summer 2014 show. I originally met Amie at the same show last year which was held at the museum... This year's setting lacked the museum's grandeur but the 13th century hall made for a more intimate venue. On entry we were treated to a glass of Perrier-Jou√ęt (champagne is my fave blogger perk!) before being shown to our seats. The seating was laid out in two rows which meant we could all be on the front row and see the models come up and down from different angles.

The backing music was provided by DJs, who really set the scene for the evening! I'm a sucker for the music at a catwalk show and the Dixon Brothers definitely provided. The clothes were split inso six trends which were subsequently split into men's and women's fashion and the show whizzed by in a swirl of nature inspired prints and neon colour pop. My personal highlights were the elegant white sequin embellished Suno dress above and an incredible 3.1 Phillip Lim pom pom embellished bomber jacket. You can see my video of the evening wear collection over on my Instagram.

Were you lucky enough to go to any fashion shows this season? What are your fave trends for summer?

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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

the creatives : Katerina Plotnikova

It has been a while since I featured anyone's work on here but ever since I saw this series of photographs a few days ago I have been smitten!  I have always been a fan of surreal photographers like Tim Walker and the similarities between his work and Russian fine art photographer Katerina Plotnikova are striking.

Her previous works have included woodland nymph-esque models with bursts of colourful dust and out of proportion chairs in trees, reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. This series features beautiful Pre Raphaelite style models wearing muddy ball gowns and romping with real trained animals in fairy tale woodland and river scenes. What's not to love?

Click to see more!
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