Monday, 3 March 2014

instaupdate #10

This is a big 'un because I my last instagram round-up was on the 24th of January and somehow it's March already?! I've been pretty busy so here are some of my highlights:
• I went to Dynasty for a Chinese on my friends birthday... well I wasn't actually eating, I only went for a drink but I got lots of leftovers shared with me!
• I worked on the door at a Wonka-Vision at Motion and got to wear another new Crown and Glory purchase, the meadow garland crown in plum, isn't it beautiful? This was a super fun night as loads of my friends from home came up for it. 
• My flatmate and I had a very busy Tuesday the week after; we visited the Joelle Tuerlinckx exhibiton at the Arnolfini, had cocktails at The Greenhouse on Park street and then did a flyering shift for a Wide Eyes night at Lakota before going in afterwards to have a boogie. Phew.
• That weekend I worked on the door again at the Just Jack 8th Birthday Party at Motion which was another really cool night, the whole venue was used and they put a lot of effort into decoration; think dark clowns and giant bunting!
• My mum came up to visit midweek and we went to see Suzanne Vega who I've listened to since I was a kid. It was at the Colston Hall and though we were seated pretty far away it was still amazing. Beforehand we went to Sergio's for pizza, I would highly recommend it!! It was really pretty and I basically had my dream pizza; goats cheese, sundried tomato, olives, rocket and balsamic vinegar. Ahhhhhhh.
• Continuing on the theme of all things cheesy I got my late christmas present from my boyfriend which was a giant bag of cheese. He knows me well.
• Unfortunately he's apparently not a believer in Valentine's Day so my d.i.y efforts, which I've written about, were not reciprocated. Grr.
• Valentine's night was amazing though as we went to one of my favourite nights in Bristol, Happy Daze, which has incredible immersive decor and promotes an all out fancy dress, glittery face attitude! I made a leotard/playsuit thing out of some turquoise velour and was very impressed with myself. What do you think?
• The last couple of weeks have been spent doing a lot more work! For my Visual Journalism module we have to create news packages and me and my team have been doing a lot of filming in the Bear Pit are of Bristol with the aim to create a short news package explaining the plans for new developments in the area.
• I've also been planning stuff with Bristol Women's voice, for whom I am a volunteer reporter... If you're Bristol based you should definitely come to the M-Shed this Saturday for Bristol Women's Voice's exciting International Women's Day event and #getwomentalking!
• My grandma and granddad came to visit, so I went back home to Devon. We went out for a lovely meal, visited Castle Drogo and I even got to catch up with my best pal and go for a dog walk with her as she was co-incidentally also home for the weekend.
• This weekend has been pretty busy too! On Saturday I finally mastered the victory roll as I was working at Lou-lou's Vintage Fair. It was a great day and I'll be writing a post with more detail soon.
• On Saturday night I ended up working again as I got another shift working on the door at a Just Jack night this time at the Old Coroner's Court. It was pretty chilly but a really fun night... unfortunately I ended up staying out for a little bit and went to bed at six which didn't bode well for Sunday.
• Yesterday was the #BrizBlogMeet which I attended a little bit bedraggled and tired but had some lovely food and great chats with old and new blogging buddies, more about that soon too!

You can see all of my previous 'instaupdates' here or just follow me on Instagram. What have you been up to?

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