Thursday, 13 February 2014

zebra love ♥ d.i.y valentine's card & pom pom cushion

zebra valentine's day card
zebra valentine's day card, zebras hugging, illustration
Firstly, some cool things you might not know about the zebra:

01. A zebra's stripe is like a fingerprint and is unique to each zebra.
02. They can turn their ears in almost any direction and use this to communicate with each other.
03. There are actually three different species of zebra.
04. A cross between a zebra and a donkey is called a 'zebdonk'! Ha!

My boyfriend has got a bit of a thing about zebras so this is the card that I made him for our first Valentine's Day... well I traced it with some black pen and grey felt-tip, but that counts right?

diy zebra pom pom cushion
diy zebra pom pom cushion
I actually made this cushion for him at Christmas but I thought it would go nicely in this post too! I loooove this pom pom trimming and will definitely be making a cushion like this again. The print on this fabric is really cool but the fabric itself is a bit thin and stretchy which made it quite difficult to sew, so next time I would use a thicker fabric. There's a nice tutorial on how to make pom-pom cushions on this blog. Unlike the tutorial I didn't put in a zip and went for the easier folded flap method on the back (a bit like a pillow case) which was a lot easier. I picked up the cushion that is inside for only £1.50 at Wilkinsons.

Have you made any D.I.Y gifts recently?

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