Thursday, 5 December 2013

project: easy business card d.i.y

I'm selling headdresses and other little bits and bobs with my flat mate at a Christmas fair on my uni campus this afternoon and as most of the orders I get in tend to be custom orders I really needed to have some business cards with me. Unfortunately I ran of the business cards I got from and needed some new ones urgently. So armed with a pack of plain business cards I hand wrote my addresses on the back and jazzed up the front by just pritt sticking colourful magazine paper on them! I think they're quite nice for a very quick job.

I've also complied a pinterest board of amazing beautiful business card ideas that I want to make when  I get a bit more time.

Can't wait to show you some pictures from the fair! Fingers crossed we sell something....

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  1. They came out really nice I also order from don't they do such a great job?! Hope all goes well at the fair!

    I currently have a Maybelline Baby Lips giveaway on my blog stop by if you interested!

  2. Good luck with the selling, these look amazing and are way more original! lots of thankyous for the pinterest board, you've inspired me for when I need to start making my own! xxx

    1. thank you! i can't wait to make some fancier ones, some of the ones on pinterest were ridiculous!

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