Wednesday, 27 November 2013

weekend away in winchester.

Last weekend I visited Winchester to see some family friends with my mum and dad. I went into town for a little shopping trip  on the Saturday with my dad and Bella and Rory (above), I used to live nearby when I was about 8 so I'm used to the area and already have some favourite spots.

Most importantly on our agenda in Winchester was book shopping! Firstly we visited my favourite Oxfam bookshop which was where I used to get all of my books and other when I was little. Rory got a copy of the Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchet which is one of my favourites... I wish I was allowed to just read children's fiction! Then we went to The Winchester Bookshop which has three floors full top to bottom with an assortment of books from second hand paperback to century old classics. Aaand as if that wasn't enough we visited Waterstones afterwards because evidently you can never look at quite enough books!

After shopping I met up with my friend Robin who goes to university in Winchester and we had a wander around the Christmas market which is HUGE in Winchester. Not much caught our eyes apart from of course the opportunity to pose like idiots in this nativity scene... I did however really like the 'Bertie & Jack' stall which is a company that makes beautiful cut-out art.

The Christmas Market was set alongside the majestic Winchester Cathedral but I wanted to see some more of Winchester's landmarks so I dragged my friend along to see the iconic Round table too!

What did you do last weekend? You can read about some more of my weekends away here.

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  1. The oxfam book/music shops are the best, i hardly ever buy anything from them but i always have to go in just for a look... aww the nativity scene photo makes me smile haha xxx

  2. Ha, love the nativity shot, seems like something my friends and I would do also!! I love Christmas market - if you get the change you should visit the one in Leeds - although I'm not sure how far away it is from you. It is AMAZING.

    Corinne x

    1. Well I actually live in Bristol and the one here's pretty cool!

  3. theres some amazing architecture there!im now following your awesome blog girlie!:)

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