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home : ten top tips to make your new uni room more homely

home wish list

I am lucky enough to live in a beautiful flat this year so for the first time ever I've been interested in all sorts of interior bits and bobs to spruce it up with... so I thought I would start a 'home' series to share all these thoughts with you!

As a student moving away from the 'rents and into your own home has lots of advantages… however you're probably looking to make your student halls or house share a little less like a student hovel and a bit more like a student home. Unfortunately the pictures above are more like a dream wish list rather than realistic purchases, with my budget at least, but here are a few more affordable tips to make your box room less bland.
  1. Colourful wall hangings and cosy rugs make all the difference in white rooms with bland carpets. You can get bright ethnic throws and mats for inexpensive prices at local markets.
  2. As your bed will probably take up most of your bedroom, attractive bedding is essential. Matalan have an affordable selection and they're also reversible so you can have a bit of a change mid-week. Don't forget cushions and blankets too so you can ride out those hangovers in comfort!
  3. A blow up mattress, sleeping bag and spare duvet will come in handy if you have friends from home to stay… or even if you have a movie night in the kitchen.
  4. Photographs are another great way to bring colour to your space as well as being a nice reminder of home. There are loads of online photo printing services, like Snapfish and Photobox, from which you can get your first 50 prints for free. 
  5. If you prefer posters instead there are usually interesting designs available for free in flyer packs across cities...(really nice ones if you're lucky enough to live in Bristol like me!) Be careful with pins and blu-tack though because most student accommodation will take a hefty amount of your deposit for marks on the wall. Use white-tack or picture frames instead, or hang them on string with pegs.
  6. Cork boards can be an easy way to display pictures too. Along with magnetic whiteboards, they are also useful for keeping notes and reminders organised.
  7. Good lighting is an important aspect of making your room cosy. Most halls have nasty fluorescent lights so fairy lights, lava lamps and candles (if you're allowed them in your accommodation) will give the place more atmosphere. Mirrors are also good for reflecting light and making your room feel larger.
  8. When you're in a small space with a lot of stuff, storage solutions are crucial. Ikea does some drawer organisers which are be especially useful for art students with a lot of equipment. Wilkos is a great choice for boxes or baskets that you can either put on shelves or under your bed as well as desk and file organisers. If you want to spend a little more, Paperchase has a more decorative selection of file boxes and stationery sorters.
  9. You're unlikely to have much outside space (or any at all) so easy to maintain houseplants or cactuses can bring a bit of the outdoors inside. Look out for sales at garden centres or try Wilkos or Ikea.
  10. Finally, life may seem peachy with your new BFFs (best flatmates forever) but it might not always be that way… Invest in a cute mini fridge for your room to hide your treats/booze in and definitely get yourself a pair of earplugs!
Are any of you living in student accommodation? I'd love to hear your tips!

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  1. this is such a cute post, I'm starting uni next year so I'll be sure to use these tips!

  2. the pink sewing machine is wonderful!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. but as a student in paris living in a flat that does not exceed 120 square feet, i can't even have my sewing machine with me. houseplants are essential to me, such as curtains: it changes everything and makes your place so comfy and personal

    1. Mmm I'm so lucky to have a bigger room this year, its still full up with sewing stuff though!


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