Sunday, 22 September 2013

moodboard & mixtape: 'baby, be the class clown'

A slightly 'back to school' themed moodboard & mixtape today as I am officially starting second year at university tomorrow. After a very colourful summer I've been inspired to keep this mood board pretty simple and go back to monochrome.

This week I've been trying to prepare myself for uni next week; settling into the new flat as well as  planning lots of productive things to do which hopefully will mean a lot more blogging... in between studying of course because I'm sure you'd prefer to hear more about the feminist society I'm joining and Bristol fashion week than you would about Hamlet!

Music today comes from a mix of chilled out singing ladies who are sure to get you back in to the mood for studying!
01. 'Crave You' - Flight Facilities
02. 'Wasting My Young Years' - London Grammar
03. 'Thirteen Thirty-five' - Dillon
04. 'Tennis Court' - Lorde
05. 'The Wire' - HAIM
06. 'Friends like Evergreens' - Lianne La Havas
07. 'Let Her Go' - Birdy (Passenger cover)
Also, a call to all you seamstresses out there, give me reviews of your sewing machines! I'm looking to get a new one and cannot decide. I've been using my friend's for about six months now since mine broke and i should probably give it back! 

Are any of you going back to school/college/uni/work? Are you looking forward to it? 

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  2. Thank you! Also I didn't mean to delete this comment.. I just slipped. Dohhh.

  3. Hey there, loved your blog, just followed you on GFC (161), would you mind to follow back?

    MandySharesLife FACEBOOK PAGE

  4. I love this! I'm inspired to make a mood board now. I just followed your blog via Friend Connect, check mine out if you get a chance. Also, let me know if you'd be interested in a Button swap.


  5. I recently started a sewing class and I've been using a Pfaff, my mom has one too and they're really good and less expensive than Singer. But in my opinion it's just what feels right to work on :) so if you can test some out you'll probably find the best option :D Loving the moodboard, great stuff on there! Maya - Archistas

    1. Thanks for the tips! I'll keep that brand in mind :) x

  6. This HAIM! I've been thinking it's HIM for ages and I was like, what them? This doesn't sound like HIM. I like all the songs in your list, London Grammar sounds a bit like Birdy :)


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