Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Dulcie's Feathers - birds of paradise!

Feather headdress, festival fashion, feather head-piece

Just come back from an eventful two weeks at Cloud Cuckoo Land and Boomtown festival and I'm off again to Greenman tomorrow. In the meantime I thought I would keep you updated on my little headdress shop and show you one of my more ambitious creations to date. This one that I made for myself has richer more carnival vibes; flowers and pom-pom and tassel trimmings. Everyone's been a big fan of the more extravagant headdresses (see a turquoise one I made here) so needless to say i didn't actually hang on to this one for that long! Luckily it has been put to good use and my very talented film maker friends from Third Eye Productions borrowed it to use in a video they were making for the South Bank Literature festival... Hopefully I'll be able to share it with you when it is done.

This summer my tastes have been slowly moving away from fairy tales and pastel shades and my creations are becoming more inspired by rich textures and pattern; embellished ethnic jewellery, African prints. Below is a little pick of my Pinterest board of ethnic inspired textures and patterns.

ethnic inspired textures and patterns

I think these bold colours are a great transitional style as we go from summer to autumn and the post-festival season blues start to hit hard... This winter I will probably be cosied up in my flat hand-making pom-poms to stick all over my clothes; keeping warm and retaining a bit of festival madness in my life. I'd love to see your summer/autumn inspiration boards if you've got them... I need more people to follow on Pinterest.



  1. Wow that headdress is cool!
    Adela x

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