Thursday, 29 August 2013

instaupdate #3

Portrait of me @ Cloud Cuckoo | Love @ Cloud Cuckoo | Bronwen @ Cloud Cuckoo
Tribe of Frog @ Boomtown | Me & my mate @ Boomtown | Fake fringe!
Bike powered light @ Greenman | Bubbles @ Greenman | Cutest little rabbits
Butterfly | My local pub | Florence my cat

Back again with a slightly larger instaupdate! Consisting of pretty much my entire August.

After Kendal calling I ended up going to a little farm in Somerset for Cloud Cuckoo Land festival. It was really magical, only 1000 people and completely run by volunteers. We did life drawing workshops, made hats from scrap materials, watched the wonderful 'cardboard cabaret' and danced the night away in a big barn drinking elderflower champagne that was made on the farm.

A few days to recover then straight off to Boomtown! I thought it was really wonderful this year, the production that goes in to it is incredible. For those of you who haven't heard of it, Boomtown Fair is made up like a real (but craaazy) town with things like a Bank and the 'Leisure center' as areas but also a giant boom box, forests with sand in like beaches, a huge metal spider stage that shoots fire.... my descriptions won't really do it justice so please check out the website. I didn't really have as good a time as I could have done this year but I'll still be back next time!

After that I went to Green Man in Wales to work my last weekend working at the Mexicans this summer. Unfortunately other than working I pretty much slept for the rest of the festival (oops) but it was really gorgeous setting in the Brecon Beacons and the music was a nice relaxing change after Boomtown weekend. Even though I was working, our stall was pretty close to the main stage and Ben Howard headlining Sunday night was a definite highlight.

So thats the end of festivals for my summer. Since then I've been chilling back at home in Devon, quite excited for uni to start again actually!

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

my love affair with Glastonbury Festival ♥

Glastonbury 2013
Gabrielle Aplin, Glastonbury
I'm sitting at home in Devon wrapped up in a blanket with a horrible snotty nosed cold, being miserable about the approaching end of summer and the fact that I've somehow got no more festivals to go to. So I thought, as I didn't write about it at the time, I'd have a little reminisce and tell you about my Glastonbury experience this year.

You may have gathered from my recent posts that summer time is festival time for me. Glastonbury tickets come on sale ridiculously early in October time and they all go ridiculously quickly too. In October 2009 I was desperate to get one. I was sixteen, had just started sixth form and somehow couldn't find a SINGLE PERSON to go with but spent two hours on the computer refreshing and stressing and bought a ticket anyway! I went in June 2010 with one guy I sort of knew and all his friends (who I now go to pretty much every festival with now!) and had one of the most incredible weekends of my life.

Originally I hadn't been too keen on the idea of Glastonbury after seeing it on the television; it looked too busy and commercial I assumed it was the same kind of thing as Reading or Leeds but my original misconceptions couldn't have been further from the truth. My first Glastonbury in 2010 was magical. I stayed up all night on the Wednesday to watch the sunrise with strangers (only to realise it was too misty to see), lead the Big Easy Jam tent with only a cowbell and a distinct lack of musical talent, laughed at my friend who cried for two hours after watching Faithless because he was so happy, came out of the Swaparama at the Pussy Parlure with no friends but somehow wearing a banana suit and cried when I finally got to see Laura Marling for the first time on the Park Stage as the sun set.  

In 2011 I was unsuccessful in getting a ticket but got a place stewarding for Oxfam. Luckily I got amazing shifts and still got to see loads of the festival. Highlights from that year were managing to stumble upon a secret Fatboy Slim set where I shook his hand, seeing Jessie J on Sunday afternoon  and crying with joy (yeah... I don't even know!?), chilling with some of Radiohead inside an old aeroplane, meeting some more amazing people, jumping on a giant heart-shaped velvet bed in a secret room in Shangri-La and ending the weekend watching Beyonce on my own after having about three hours sleep in fifty, swaying with tiredness and eventually falling asleep in front of a fire at Strummersville.

The Blues, Glastonbury
The Blues, Glastonbury

This year was very different as I was working at the Mexican every day of the festival. This did however mean that I got to get there on the Monday and it was amazing to see the site with no punters for three days and witness how much was going on even before the festival started. I didn't see much music but  my highlights were the Arctic Monkeys, Lianne La Havas, who was stunningly beautiful as per usual and, for something a little bit different, the Gyuto Monks of Tibet who I stumbled across on the Toad Hall Stage. The whole dance village was transformed this year and we enjoyed dancing to a bit of dub in the sunshine at the little shanty town area "The Blues"(above). 

On the Friday night unfortunately some of my friends couldn't quite hack it and I'd lost the ones who could so I had to explore my favourite place Shangri-la on my own. It was incredible again this year, with a new concept "the Shafterlife" and heaven and hell themed areas. The organisers never cease to amaze me with their incredible originality and creativity; early Saturday morning I found myself sitting in a furry pink pod surrounded by mutant fluffy toys (like a shark with a monkey's head) with a load of total strangers. I want to be part of the design team there!! As you may have gathered by now, these disposable camera pictures don't quite capture Glastonbury properly.

We finished up the festival watching the sun come up at the stone circle Monday morning, anticipating next year and hoping to actually get tickets this time. What are your favourite festivals? Did you go to any this year?

p.s forgot to mention, that's Gabrielle Aplin with me at the top!

Monday, 19 August 2013

moodboard monday : 'flowers in the window'

Decided to change my moodboard & mixtape post this week so I could participate in 'life as we know it's Moodboard Monday link up. The theme this week is florals and my board is also a little bit inspired by last weekend being my last working at the Mexican this summer. The stall is decorated by loads of fake flowers and we wear flower crowns so I thought this was quite apt.

clockwise from left:

1. Pretty fake flower wall adornments in a children's bedroom. Found on interior design blog apartment therapy, excited for my flat mate to come back so we can start deciding how we're going to decorate our place!

2. For Christmas I got The Liberty Book of Home Sewing which is a beautifully put together compendium of sewing projects. As of yet I have not done any of them but I'm really keen to make this gorgeous 1950's style piny as a present for the people who runs the Mexican stall for having me this summer. It should fit in wonderfully with the big box of mismatched vintage aprons they already have!

3. Floral crown from Wildflower Crowns in the sumptuous 'Wild Violet' colour... I want to wear everything in this colour.

4. A beautiful pattern of roses by one of my favourite flowery artists and God of wallpaper William Morris. You can actually buy this print too.

5. Last but not least the wonderful Mexican artist Frida Kahlo (who's look I have been attempting and failing to channel all summer) just chilling with flowers in her hair and in her home. Once quoted: I paint flowers so they will not die.  Picture found at Red Milk Magazine.

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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Dulcie's Feathers - birds of paradise!

Feather headdress, festival fashion, feather head-piece

Just come back from an eventful two weeks at Cloud Cuckoo Land and Boomtown festival and I'm off again to Greenman tomorrow. In the meantime I thought I would keep you updated on my little headdress shop and show you one of my more ambitious creations to date. This one that I made for myself has richer more carnival vibes; flowers and pom-pom and tassel trimmings. Everyone's been a big fan of the more extravagant headdresses (see a turquoise one I made here) so needless to say i didn't actually hang on to this one for that long! Luckily it has been put to good use and my very talented film maker friends from Third Eye Productions borrowed it to use in a video they were making for the South Bank Literature festival... Hopefully I'll be able to share it with you when it is done.

This summer my tastes have been slowly moving away from fairy tales and pastel shades and my creations are becoming more inspired by rich textures and pattern; embellished ethnic jewellery, African prints. Below is a little pick of my Pinterest board of ethnic inspired textures and patterns.

ethnic inspired textures and patterns

I think these bold colours are a great transitional style as we go from summer to autumn and the post-festival season blues start to hit hard... This winter I will probably be cosied up in my flat hand-making pom-poms to stick all over my clothes; keeping warm and retaining a bit of festival madness in my life. I'd love to see your summer/autumn inspiration boards if you've got them... I need more people to follow on Pinterest.


Thursday, 1 August 2013

instaupdate #2

Cath Kidston sale |  Tie-dying antics | Magpie headdresses
Rooftop sunrise | Peacock! | Larmer Tree Garden stage
Make-shift stall | Me and Guadalupe |  Kendaaaaaal

So I have been away again having a manic few weeks! Started off with one pretty busy weekend at home in Bristol in my wonderful, beautiful, new flat sorting out big-girl-grown-up stuff like bills and all that but also getting my craft on! I had a few orders in including one for five magpie headdresses for some ladies going to Secret Garden Party. I also bought a beautiful new Cath Kidston sewing box, which was definitely a justified purchase as it is very useful and was also in the sale (only £21!!). My flat mate Jess who is a fantastic illustrator (blog & facebook) was making some tie-dye t-shirts and tote bags which has now resulted in a distinct lack of plain white items in my wardrobe. She is selling them along with her prints on her Etsy page. We also went to a party and watched the sunrise on the roof! 

Then I went off to one of my favourite festivals, Larmer Tree Festival, which I wrote about last year. I had a lovely time catching up with old friends and even hanging out with my parents too! We watched comedy, ran amok amongst the peacocks, danced away to Gentleman's Dub Club and played bingo with Ringo's music bingo and sold headdresses.

Straight after that we whizzed up country to the Lake District for Kendal Calling. It was so beautiful and luckily the weather stayed sweet for most of it so we got to see some of the gorgeous countryside on a long walk to a local pub before the festival. The festival was loads of fun as well... definitely less tame than Larmer Tree.

Needless to say I was glad to be back in my own bed on Monday night. Was going to have a little break from festivalling but this weekend I've had last minute plans and I'm off to Cloud Cuckoo Land. Hope you're all having an amazing summer!

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