Thursday, 11 July 2013

instaweek #1

Fish and chips in Stow on the Wold | Balloons at Cornbury festival | Working in the Mexican
Out and about |  my new pink Nike Blazers | Ice-cream  and exploring in the sunshine
Headdress overload | Sewing box organisation | My new creation

As you may have noticed from this post.... I have joined the iPhone brigade. It has felt like a long time coming and finally after about a gazillion old Nokias (definitely not slating those ones with torches though!) I have stepped in to the 21st century and am blessed to own a wonderful phone-camera-everything-ever-device.

Anyway since last time I was here I have been super busy. In between working at a Mexican food stall at festivals (including glastonbury... more on that in a later post!) I have also been making and selling my feather headdresses AND I also moved house (more on that in a later post too!). 

The last week has been pretty chilled though. I travelled to work at Cornbury festival in Oxfordshire last Thursday; stopping in the picturesque Stow on the Wold on the way. The weather was beeeautiful so I came back super tanned and "keen for Keane!" who played on the Saturday night. I've spent the rest of the week enjoying my new flat and the sunshine as well as organising all my sewing gear and sorting headdress orders.

How are you all enjoying the heatwave? Follow me on Instagram here, please link me to yours I'm new to all this!

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