Monday, 11 March 2013

exploring the Street Art on nelson street.

Nelson Street, Grafitti, Bristol, Nick Walker
Nelson Street, Grafitti, Bristol, Pattern
Nelson Street, Grafitti, Bristol, colour
street art, bristol
sign post, nelson street, stickers
which is the right way, nelson street, bristol, photography
mural competition, marvel comics, street art, bristol
graffiti, urban
graffiti, urban
graffiti, urban
art 4 people, See No Evil
art 4 people, See No Evil
Aryz, Wolf Boy, Nelson Street Bristol, Mural, Street Art, Graffiti
Roa, Fox, Street Art, Monochrome,
Nelson Street, See No Evil
which is the wrong way, nelson street, bristol,

Bit of a picture heavy post today! Last week my friend Max came up to Bristol to visit me and we pretended to be tourists and did a bit of sightseeing! My favourite pictures from the day were these of Nelson Street which is home to See No Evil; the UK's largest street art project. Bristol is amazing for graffiti (it is home to Banksy!) and Nelson Street is one of the most central and diverse displays. I love how I notice different little things each time, just from walking on a different side of the road. My favourite two paintings are in in very different styles; Aryz's five story high wolf boy and Roa's gorgeous monochrome fox which you can see above. Each summer See No Evil hold a big street party here to show off all the new work I hope I'll be around for it this year.



  1. Wow, what a colorful neighborhood! I love cities that embrace street art - it just makes everything feel more lively.

    1. It does indeed, Bristol has little surprises wherever you go!

  2. This is amazing.. =) I just discovered you blog, and i'm really glad that i did.

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