Sunday, 31 March 2013

the creatives - Laura Kay of Diary Sketches

Happy Easter everyone! Todays creatives feature is the wonderful Laura Kay of Diary Sketches who draws the sweetest portraits.

Who are you?
Hi I'm Laura Kay, the Illustrator, blogger and shop owner of Diary Sketches. I'm originally from the US and I currently reside in Jerusalem (what started off as a one year adventure…;)) I am also a wife and a stay at home mom. When I'm not drawing I love to read cookbooks and try out new recipes… I also need a coffee in the morning! (see illustration below) And I love to walk outside!
When and why did you start illustrating?
I have been drawing since I could pick up a crayon and I'm still going strong since, till the weeee hours of the morning :) Art brings me joy!! I just love to draw and paint and create…It's my true passion, my oxygen!!

What is special about your illustrations? 
I think what makes my illustrations special is the mix between high fashion and quirkiness, professionalism and cute…its that little unexpected something, like a formal wedding invite with funky pink cheeks. I work mostly with ink and watercolour and digital painting with my Wacom tablet. I'll occasionally dabble with oils, acrylics and pastels.

What inspires you?
I am inspired by fashion and the pretty things around me, I always check out quirky Pinterest boards, Etsy shops, fashion blogs & magazines. I also often go to the city center to get inspired by the mix of people, cultures and styles. Aside from that I often check out local galleries when I pass them on the street.

You can find Laura's blog over at or mooch over to her facebook page. Prints and custom illustrations can also be purchased from her shop


Thursday, 21 March 2013

TREND spring/summer 2013: Shiny Shiny

Hologram trend, catwalk, iridescent, metallic, SS 2013, Burberry, Jonathan Saunders

I had a preview of this seasons take on the metallic trend at the Harvey Nichols fashion show last week and it takes its inspiration from holographic iridescent fabrics and bright neon tones.

Erin O'Malley - Staged macro photography by Erin O'Malley; she is an artist who explores the 'interaction of light with transparent and reflective surfaces'. I really like her work and think it complements the holographic trend. You can see more of her photographs on her website.
Zoe Jordan - Love this relaxed short suit, especially the bluey green colour.
Burbery Prorsum - I mentioned Burberry's use of metallics in my post about the fashion show last week, I think I prefer the trench coats that use the more reflective material but I love this pink colour.
Jonathan Saunders - This bomber jacket is my favourite use of holographic material.
Blumarine - Blumarine lead the holographic trend in AW 2012 but have opted for more metal themed shininess this season with dresses in bright copper tones.
Stella Mccartney - Stella Mccartney's resort collection featured some amazing holographic clutches which have been seen in the hands of loads of 'celebs' from Kate Moss to Rita Ora... I really like them!

Holographic trend, catwalk, iridescent, metallic, SS 2013, fashion

What do you think of this trend? I love the colours and really want some holographic fabric to make bags of myself! I've already seen a lot of metallic skater skirts about. Don't forget to check out my round-up of the monochrome trend too!


Monday, 18 March 2013

exhibition : from Death to Death and other small tales.

scottish national gallery of modern art, from death to death, exhibition, sarah lucas, rene magritte, ernesto neto

In my post about going to Edinburgh I mentioned visiting the Scottish National Gallery of Modern art to see the 'From Death to Death and Other Small Tales' exhibition which featured work from the D. Daskalopoulos collection. It was one of my new years resolutions to visit more exhibitions and the like so it was great to go to one with so much work I loved! 

It was laid out as a kind of journey so you could walk through one room on to the next in a sort of order. The works (which varied from sculpture, to video installation, to painting...) were laid out thoughtfully; pieces from the Daskalopoulos collection juxtaposing with, but also informing, works from the gallery's permanent collection and vice versa with a running theme of the human body. The work not only varied in their mediums but also in their eras, influential pieces such as Marcel Duchamp's Fountain alongside mono-prints from YBA Tracey Emin. 

I think my favourite piece was Ernesto Neto's peculiar installation 'It happens when the body is an anatomy of time' (bottom left) which consisted of large ceiling high tubes made from something similar to tights and filled with various spices; cloves, cumin, saffron... it smelt amazing! I wasn't a huge fan of the video installations (I never am!) but I definitely would have liked more time to get properly immersed in this exhibition as I thought it was really well curated. 

I went to another exhibition in Bristol last week too, which I will write about soon. Have you been to any exhibitions lately? 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

fashion show - Harvey Nichols SS 2013

banksy, paint pot angel, bristol museum and art gallery

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Harvey Nichols Spring Summer 2013 fashion show last night, which was also my first ever blogger event! The show was in the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery which was a stunning venue and beautifully transformed in to a catwalk with dramatic lighting and rows of persepex chairs. The show was split into five key trends and started with the models descending the striking staircase displaying the 'White Out' trend. This was followed by 'Colour Pop', 'Metallic', 'Monochrome', 'Mixed Prints' and finally a collection of 'Fantasy Frocks'. 

My favourite collection was the Metallics and especially an amazing gold sleeved Burberry trench coat. I was also surprisingly keen on the use of Neon throughout the 'Colour Pop' and 'Mixed Print' collections as it isn't something that has really appealed to me before. It was all the other little details that really caught my eye though. For example the hair by Sean Hanna consisted of messy fishtail plaits and braided up-dos and was super relaxed but chic... the make-up was by Shu Uemura and was very simple apart from bright colour-pop pink lips! I think they're definitely something I will be trying this season... I loved how surprisingly well they traversed from trend to trend. The music was also amazing and really added to the atmosphere, some crazy remix of Alt-J's 'Something Good' appeared in the middle and a kind of reggae Adele song (!?) finished the show off.

To see some slightly better pictures of the show you can visit the Harvey Nichols blog or alternatively This is Bristol.  You can also see a picture of me posing very awkwardly and what all the other bloggers wore on the South West Bloggers facebook page

ss 2013, harvey nichols, fashion show, bristol
ss 2013, harvey nichols, fashion show, bristol
ss 2013, harvey nichols, fashion show, bristol
ss 2013, harvey nichols, fashion show, bristol

After the show I went for a quick drink at The Woods with my new blogging buddies Milly and Gemma! My next blogging event will be next Friday's Bristol Fashion Week event, will I see any of you there?


Monday, 11 March 2013

exploring the Street Art on nelson street.

Nelson Street, Grafitti, Bristol, Nick Walker
Nelson Street, Grafitti, Bristol, Pattern
Nelson Street, Grafitti, Bristol, colour
street art, bristol
sign post, nelson street, stickers
which is the right way, nelson street, bristol, photography
mural competition, marvel comics, street art, bristol
graffiti, urban
graffiti, urban
graffiti, urban
art 4 people, See No Evil
art 4 people, See No Evil
Aryz, Wolf Boy, Nelson Street Bristol, Mural, Street Art, Graffiti
Roa, Fox, Street Art, Monochrome,
Nelson Street, See No Evil
which is the wrong way, nelson street, bristol,

Bit of a picture heavy post today! Last week my friend Max came up to Bristol to visit me and we pretended to be tourists and did a bit of sightseeing! My favourite pictures from the day were these of Nelson Street which is home to See No Evil; the UK's largest street art project. Bristol is amazing for graffiti (it is home to Banksy!) and Nelson Street is one of the most central and diverse displays. I love how I notice different little things each time, just from walking on a different side of the road. My favourite two paintings are in in very different styles; Aryz's five story high wolf boy and Roa's gorgeous monochrome fox which you can see above. Each summer See No Evil hold a big street party here to show off all the new work I hope I'll be around for it this year.


Sunday, 10 March 2013

flowers & feathers - fairytale summer hair inspiration

#fekkaitouch, pink hair, heidi braid, hair moodboard, stevie nicks

Just a little one from me today for the IFB Project #86 with Fekkai. After this weekend I have really started to get the festival feeeeeling as everyone is beginning to plan out their summers; even though snow is forecast  tonight...!? I've started getting crafty in my little room, making floral crowns and feather headdresses to sell and wear this summer but before I update you on how that is going I thought I'd share a bit of my hair inspiration for this coming spring & summer.  Pastel colours, pretty adornments, gold, waves and braids! I really want a bit of a change for my hair this summer but I'm not sure what... what hair trends are you feeling at the moment?

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

the creatives: Kathryn Wilkins of Lookbookillust

Today's Creatives feature is Kathryn Wilkins who draws sweet fashion illustrations of bloggers and Lookbookers in a variety of styles.
Who are you?
My name is Kathryn Wilkins, i'm a 22 year old illustrator, animator and animation artist currently living in southern California. I grew up in a little suburb called Walnut (not to be confused with Walnut Creek). Growing up I spent a lot of time in the park next to my house and looking back, I guess you could say I was a peculiar child. My peculiar tendencies lead me to pursue art. I learned of The California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) when i was in the fifth grade and i worked form that point forward to get into their Character Animation Program. When I graduated college I was accepted directly into their character animation program (a big accomplishment at the time). I am now about a year out of college and currently working to break myself into the animation industry and I've recently been exploring Fashion Illustration. 

When & why did you start illustrating?
I started illustrating when I was very young. I had always been drawn to art and was often known by my artistic tendencies. I had always wanted for art to be my career as it is my passion. Some of the earliest memories I have of my art was when I used to create comics and stories when I was around 10. I remember I'd create these stories and do illustrations to go along with them. I'd go to school and tell my friends the stories and we'd all act it out on the playground. That's kind of the thing that lead my artistic career to lend itself more towards sequential/story based artwork.
What attracts you to Lookbookers?
When I was in college, most of my time was spend animating or storyboarding and I wanted to have a bit of a side project to work on while I was doing all of these other things. I remember a teacher of mine showed up Lookbook one day as a great way to study 'characters" and I was instantly sold. Lookbook is like a collection of characters. Everyone is so different and so unique. Everyone has their own flavor and their own styles. I love looking at someone's outfit and making up a story in my head that goes along with that outfit. Every time I do an illustration of a lookbooker I try to invoke a certain type of character and I try my best to capture the personality I think the fashionista is trying to portray. It is, interestingly enough, one of the only projects I've created that I've actually been able to continuously work on consistently.

What's special about your illustrations?  
 I'm not the first illustrator to have a project where they do illustrations of user on lookbook, but I think I'm unique because I do put perhaps more focus on the character than I do the actual clothing. I put a great amount of detail in my fashion based art work because Ive always loved being able to put my illustrations next to the photos and see the resemblance. However, my main focus when doing these illustration is character and character design. The fashion aspect comes as an after thought a lot of the times.
How would you describe your style?
I don't know if I could specifically describe my style. when I look at my work as a whole I think it has a wide range. I draw anything from semi realistic to extremely cartoony. One of the main purposes of my blog is to push myself. I try something new every single time. It's a great way to push myself into discovering new things. I love doing something new and I love problem solving when it comes to my illustrations. 
In terms of mediums, I use almost exclusively photoshop and at times I uses flash. A lot people have told me that my artwork looks like it's done by a traditional medium and that's one of my many goals. I've spent a lot of my artistic career using completely traditional mediums so my aesthetic lends itself towards that sort of look. I'll often look at some of my favorite illustrators and attempt to emulate their style in both actual design and in their usage of traditional mediums. I recently created a Mary Blair brush set through studying the great works of Mary Blair. I was very happy with how these turned out as they really, to me were able to emulate Mary Blair's style quite well (at least for what I was trying to do). I would say that this aspect of my illustrations is what ties most of my work together.

You can find more of Kathryn's illustrations at her blog or on her facebook page. If you've got an interesting project and would like to be featured here please email me at! Also... you may have noticed that Robyn, who I featured last time, has done me a lovely illustration for my sidebar :) 


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

where do you blog?

I blog from my little room in some student halls in Bristol... please excuse the awful curtains they're obviously not mine! I can't wait to get in to my own house net year, it's a little cramped cosy in here (my bed is just to the left of the shot!) and there is never any natural light through the window... but it has internet access, electricity and a book shelf so I can't really ask for much more! 


Friday, 1 March 2013

weekend away in edinburgh.

So last weekend I took a little trip with my mummy to Edinburgh to visit my sort-of Godmother Sammy :) Unfortunately I'm really unorganised and didn't charge my camera before I left... doh! So there aren't a load of pictures unfortunately. The weekend was mainly spent eating nice food, drinking nice wine, exploring a bit of Edinburgh and generally chilling. I also went to a great exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art which I'll talk about more later.

I'm going home to Devon for some of this weekend, haven't spent a weekend in Bristol for ages! What are you doing with your weekend?

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