Tuesday, 19 February 2013

the creatives: Robyn Makings

Finally got back to featuring artists in my creatives series! Today it's illustrator Robyn Makings! I noticed Robyn's quirky illustrations on several of my favourite blogs so I thought I would contact her to find out some more :)

Who are you?
I'm Robyn Makings, 19 years old and currently in my first year of studying Graphic Design at Teesside University. If I'm not at university or sat at my desk with my sketchbook, I'm more than likely asleep. 

When & why did you start illustrating?
I pretty much grew up with a pen in my hand and would draw on anything I could get my hands on: newspapers, scrap paper, walls - you name it, I drew on it. My earliest memories of my drawings being acknowledged was at primary school where I had pieces of art displayed in assemblies and one of my Christmas card designs was chosen to be the school's Christmas card, and from there I knew I wanted to put all my effort into art and design. I took GCSE Art and Graphic Design at school and followed onto college to study A Level Graphic Design, but it's only within the last six months that I've gotten back into illustrating properly; I figured if I wanted to develop my own skills and style, I might as well start producing my own work alongside what I'd be creating at uni.

Why draw bloggers?
I've always had a preference for drawing people - I just find I get on much better with drawing humans than animals - so I started illustrating some of my favourite artists such as Marina and the Diamonds and Ellie Goulding and uploaded them to my tumblr blog, where eventually Ashleigh at ASHLLYD approached me asking if I'd be happy to illustrate for her, and that's where it all started! Since then I've had a flow of people that've also been interested in me illustrating for them, so I've been happy to produce work and further develop my style through illustrating for bloggers. Another plus side to illustrating for bloggers is the incredible feeling I get when I see my work being used on someone's blog; it's nice to know that people like what I'm producing! 

What's special about your illustrations?
I don't particularly think there's anything 'special' about my illustrations and that's why I'm always so chuffed to hear that people like my work. I'm not the greatest illustrator in the world, but I try to make the most of all the tools available to me to try and achieve a look that I think may be somewhat unique to me; my watercolours and my graphics tablet are my best friends at the moment, although if I have the patience I also like to work with collage! I've never really considered my 'style' before, I wouldn't really say I had a particular one, but I know that when working in a more cartoon style I like to try and work a bit of whimsy into my pieces. I just love illustrators such as Amy Husband and Sally Cotterill who both work completely differently but still manage to fill you with awe because their work is just so lovely; I was always told 'lovely' was an empty adjective, but I really, really disagree. For me, if something's lovely, it's brilliant, and I suppose that's what I'd like people to feel when they look at my work. 

You can find Robyn's blog at www.robynmakesthings.com where you can keep up with all her creative projects. If you are an illustrator, a designer, an artist, a photographer or you just generally have an exciting project please get in touch at dulciehorn@hotmail.co.uk!



  1. Oh wow, Robyn, is extremely talented! :D I wish I draw like that.

    Anyway, I'm an aspiring designer too. Just feel free to check my portfolio @ kistymea.com or visit my blog to see my works. :)

    Kisty of The Style Mermaid


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