Saturday, 9 February 2013

springtime palette.

It might just be wishful thinking, but recently I've been feeling as if spring is just around the corner.  I can't wait for there to be a bit more sunshine and to be able to leave the house a more and noy have to wear a coat! I think this painting of Mäda Gertrude Primavesi sums up my attitude perfectly. It is my favourite painting by Gustav Klimt, though it contrasts somewhat with his most famous rich golden pieces such as The Kiss. For me this painting embodies all of my favourite spring time colours (coincidentally also co-ordinating rather well with my blog design!) and though it was painted of a nine year old in 1912 I think she looks a little bit like she could've just walked out of a modern spring lookbook!

To bring a bit of springtime style in to my life I decided to paint my nails tonight :) This is something a bit different for me... I'm not a huge on nail painting because I'm pretty impatient. I used a Nails Inc polish in Elizabeth Street and then I just dipped them in some 'fairy dust' glitter and finished with a clear top-coat. What do you think?



  1. Beautiful painting & nails. Patiently waiting for spring time too :)

  2. Your posts are always so cute! Love the painting, and I love how freash and spring-like your beautiful nails are! :)



  3. This post is so cute! Lovely nails :) xx

  4. I could actually cry* Why do I have to have a stupid nail biting habit, I want pretty nails like this :( The colours in that painting are lovely. x

    1. Haha don't worry... mine are usually minging! Can't keep nail polish nice for more than a day...x

  5. Nice post :) the blog design is lovely.

    ♥ Anusha


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