Friday, 4 January 2013

its a new year!

Happy new year everybody! Hope everybody has had a wonderful christmas and fantastic new years celebrations! What did you get up to? 2012 was a pretty crazy year for me and I plan to do even more in 2013. I've put together a rough list of my general resolutions and plans for the year.

This is generally about university... I want to try harder at all my assignments, stop neglecting my blog, maybe try and get some work experience at a magazine! 

Both physically and mentally. I do absolutely no exercise, go out three times a week, live on a diet of cheese and carbs and surround myself in clutter and mess... So I plan to do something about it.
Most critically to this is getting a job! Then after that planning a wonderful summer full of fun & travel!

I live in one of the UK's most vibrant cities and I've hardly explored it at all so I really want to get out and about and take more pictures like I used to. I also want to read more, sew more, draw more and generally do more and be creative and get out of bed!

Have any of you got any resolutions? I'd love to see links if you've done blog posts about them.

p.s Do you like the cheeky asos unitard I wore on new years eve? I want to wear it everyday!  



  1. Happy new year! xx

  2. Happy New Year! Such a lovely blog, followed you!

    Siobhan x

  3. what great resolutions, i think i'm going to take the explore and learn away with me!
    you have such a great blog, i love how full of personality it is, you just seem like so much fun and so lovely and bouncy and nice, you're definitely my kind of person to follow (check!)
    sp, yes, happy new year mrs! i hope it's a great one for you and that you manage to complete your goals.
    hope you'll come by at some point, i'd love to talk properly.
    hope to hear from you soon,
    laura xx

  4. I love it, can you take a look at my blog and maybe follow me? i follow back everyone.
    and here's my page on facebook (about fashion and more):
    Would mean a lot if you like it!!

  5. I nominated your blog for a Liebster Award! Go to my blog to accept :)


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