Sunday, 18 November 2012

sweet stuff sunday #3

number one: Celebs with no eyebrows, surprisingly funny, here's my fave Emma Whatbrows?!

number two: Gabrielle Aplin on the new John Lewis advert! I love it so much, I wrote about one of her tracks in my monthly music round up before and I think now she's really made it :) In other exciting news I'm going to see her at Thekla on Tuesday!!!

number three: Birthdays. ♥ It was one of my flatmates birthdays on Tuesday so I made some cute cupcakes but on quite an original stand made out of beer bottles.

number four: I stumbled across 'Jewellery by Jaymie' today and I have to say I'm a little obsessed!  I loved these 'dapper cat' colar clips as soon as I saw them but I also love love love the little glass bottle necklaces and the ribcage necklace AND the sea shell collar clips  also the kitten in a tea cup necklace AND the frida kahlo necklace and.... the list goes on. Basically its great go check it out.



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