Sunday, 4 November 2012

sweet stuff sunday #2

number one: Dream But Do Not Sleep's new collection! My good friend Max's clothing line has just released its second collection. Check it out at the website here and feel free to like the Facebook page in order to find out all the latest news and be in with a chance of winning free clothes!

number two: These nails are so christmassy and wonderful!!! (Yeah I'm feeling christmas vibes already!) They're modelled on the hands of Rachele at one of my favourite blogs The Nearsighted Owl.

number three: My favourite fancy dress of halloween so far, my friends as a 'washing line' at a house party last night.

number four: Derren Brown Apocalypse. Freaky real life Halloween fun. Derren convinces a man that it is the end of the world (complete with zombies and everything) in order to make him re-asess how much he takes his day to day life for granted! If you didn't catch it definitely catch up on 4od.... It's intense!



  1. Your nails are adorable!
    Found your link on IFB

    Jess James

    Check out my DIY fashion blog :

  2. These photos are really good! did you take them yourself and if so what camera do you use? :)

    1. Of these photos only the third one is taken by me, but most of the rest of the photos on the blog are mine! I use a Canon 500D and I edit with the Analog Color Mini app for Mac. xx

  3. those nails are toooo cute! im not even feeling the slightest bit christmassy yet :( xx


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