Thursday, 1 November 2012

halloween costume #2 !

I mentioned the other day that I had not one but two halloween costumes! So here is my wonderful zombie bride outfit from when I went to the Just Jack Halloween Freak Boutique at Motion on Saturday night. There aren't many pictures but you can just about get the jist of my GIGANTIC EIGHTIES wedding dress (was a fiver by the way!) and my wonderful groom's top hat and tails combo! I ruched the bottom up November Rain style which looked amazing but even still a two meter train was a little bit annoying in a massive warehouse/club. Well worth it though.

image:  November Rain dress (i.e. my favourite thing ever) from here edited by me

What did you all dress up for halloween as!? Leave your links here please, I love to hear from you! Plus I might be dressing up again this weekend, so I need inspiration!



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