Tuesday, 30 October 2012

witching hour... easy halloween costume!

1. Most supermarkets 2. Topshop  3. Glamorous 4.  River Island/River Island 5. Nails Inc 6. Topshop

This season's gothic trend makes it quite easy to translate your current wardrobe into cheap and easy halloween costumes! For a Halloween house party I went to on Friday I wore a skirt similar to this (but a bargain £10 one from Primark!) and a cheeky little sequin witch hat from Poundland. Unfortunately I didn't get a full body pic of the outfit but here are some snaps of the rest of the party-goers, I think the wolf costume is my favourite... close second comes Juby in ladies lingerie and a red tail-coat.

My costume effort on Saturday night was pretty spectacular though, I might show you some pics of it soon!

Sorry this post is a bit picture heavy again, but there were too many funny moments!



  1. ah love this! looks like such a fun party! halloween is def my favorite dress up time :3

  2. Your photos have come out so well, they look like those proper professional ones in clubs. What setting on your camera did you use? Really need to sit down and learn how to use mine properly.x

    1. Use slow shutter speed with a flash! Or just the night time mode ha ha! xxx


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