Tuesday, 9 October 2012

12 fashion fixes - Chelsea Boots - IFB Project #67

Recently I have been hunting high and low for the perfect boots as after two years my dear biker boots have definitely kicked the bucket. So this weeks IFB project 'Shake your booties' is the perfect chance for me to show you the ankle boot styles this season that have really been catching my eye; from studded biker style with straps to cute western styles (look at the tapestry print ones in this post!).  I've also really loved the Chelsea boots this season, they were a big look last year too but have become softer and skinnier for 2012/13.

Chelsea boots originated in the Victorian and era and are ankle high with elastic sides, originally intended to be worn with jodphurs for riding. They were trendy in the 1960s among the 'mods' and were even featured in early Star Wars films as worn by the Stormtroopers! 

They're a classic item and I adore the modernised designs this season; all of the quirky colours, patterns and shapes. So here is twelve of the best picks from all over the internet, all pretty cheap as well.

My personal faves are one and two... and twelve... and eleven ... and six........

I got my own lovely black suede effect pair from peacocks before I left for uni, but I really want to invest in a good quality pair of boots that will last me a while! Which are your favourites from my picks?

Hope you enjoyed this post, what's keeping your feet cosy this winter?



  1. Loved this post Dulcie, I wasn't a big fan of short boots until I got my first pair. They are so much fun to wear! xoxox

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