Tuesday, 30 October 2012

witching hour... easy halloween costume!

1. Most supermarkets 2. Topshop  3. Glamorous 4.  River Island/River Island 5. Nails Inc 6. Topshop

This season's gothic trend makes it quite easy to translate your current wardrobe into cheap and easy halloween costumes! For a Halloween house party I went to on Friday I wore a skirt similar to this (but a bargain £10 one from Primark!) and a cheeky little sequin witch hat from Poundland. Unfortunately I didn't get a full body pic of the outfit but here are some snaps of the rest of the party-goers, I think the wolf costume is my favourite... close second comes Juby in ladies lingerie and a red tail-coat.

My costume effort on Saturday night was pretty spectacular though, I might show you some pics of it soon!

Sorry this post is a bit picture heavy again, but there were too many funny moments!


Thursday, 25 October 2012

a quick trip back home and a walk on dartmoor.

Thought I would share some photos from when I went back home last weekend. Me and my boyfriend went on a little walk over West Mill on Dartmoor, it was such a lovely day!


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

lianne la havas // 21/10/2012 Bristol O2 Academy

source:  Photograph by Nick Rice from clashmusic.com, edited by me

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago in my monthly music feature that I would be going to see Lianne La Havas at the O2 Arena in Bristol, I did, and she did not disappoint! The O2 was actually a lovely venue to see her in, although it is the biggest music venue in Bristol its layout made the gig quite intimate... although to be honest I think I could still be spellbound by her in a huge arena. 

Support was provided by the lovely Lewis Watson, who was actually an old friend of the guy I went to the gig with! His new EP, 'another four sad songs' (the first EP being called 'it's got four sad songs on it btw') is out now. My favourite sad song from his set, which was actually quite uplifting, was 'Sink or Swim'... if you want to know what to expect think Ben Howard musically, crossed with One Direction/14 year old girls heart throb looks wise...! I'll be seeing him again on Monday at Thekla :)

source:   tweeted by Lianne La Havas, of the Bristol crowd!

I first saw Lianne on the Jools Holland show last year, me and my boyfriend were both charmed by her kooky style and captivating voice. Almost exactly a year on and finally seeing her live, she definitely didn't fall short of expectations. She looked amazing. A casual look of high waisted black and white striped trousers with a white 90's style polo neck crop top was made stage-worthy with a stunning white bolero jacket with huge puff sleeves and embellishment. It looked like it had been customised from an 80s wedding dress, you can see it in the picture above from Wilderness festival. This exaggerated silhouette is typical of her distinctive style; partly androgynous partly hyper-feminine. 

Although obviously she only has her debut album in her repertoire, the show was really mixed up and dynamic. Her fantastic band and backing singer joined her for rousing tunes such as the title track of the album, 'Is your Love Big Enough', but she kept it quiet and stripped back for tear jerkers such as 'Gone'.  'Gone' had to be my favourite of the whole set, it gave the whole crowd palpable chills and highlighted not just La Havas's flawless vocals but also her skills as a touching song writer; 'love is not blind, it's just deaf and it is dumb', proving why she has been nominated for a Mercury Award this year.  Another highlight of the gig, apart from all the snippets of friendly chat, was 'Age' which was the final song of the encore and featured a lovely quiet singalong from the crowd.

I'll leave you with a live video of 'Gone', I hope you enjoyed this post! And hello new followers, please do say hello!


Sunday, 21 October 2012

sweet stuff sunday #1

number one: The Product and Print Feature on 'Kayla Is Inspired' is a great weekly feature where she pairs some of her favourite illustrations with her some of her favourite things! The rest of the blog is great too, beautifully designed with great content. 

number two: A picture that my new favourite artist, Chris (Simpsons Artist), gone and done. It is of Salvador Dali 'he is the best one at bending all of the clocks and having two thin ones'. You can see more of his work on his facebook and also his twitter... he tweeted me a couple of days ago... and it was the best thing ever. And don't forget... If you feel sick just be sick. If you love someone just tell them.

number three: Super cute bunting inspired nail art by Emma Zenter at BOOM NAILS, they remind me of The Great British Bake off!

number four: My favourite video... with a difference... of the incredible Felix Baumgartner stratos jump!

number five: Parcels! Got this in the post from my Grandma (blog fan no.1)... Stilettos and chocolate! What more does a girl need?

number six: Amazing victory roll tutorial from one of my favourite hair and beauty blogs Grace and Braver.... might try this out if I'm brave enough!


Saturday, 20 October 2012

la dulcie vita is one!!!

Image:  http://uniquelyinspirational.tumblr.com/ edited by me

This blog is one year old today! I've really enjoyed writing it so far, so thank you to all of my followers and people who comment and give me feedback, I love you! 


Friday, 19 October 2012

DUO boots autumn/winter collection competition

DUO boots are holding a competition for fashion bloggers to create an outfit centred around a piece from their autumn winter 2012 collection. If you read my round-up last week of all my favourite chelsea boots this season you'll know that I love them. So when I saw Duo's Woodbury boot I knew I had to enter the competition!

The warm aubergine colour of these snake-effect leather chelsea boots is gorgeous and bang on trend so I decided to create a goth-luxe evening look centred around the classic yet statement ankle boots. 

I chose Topshop's take on disco pants for a nod to this season's leather trend paired with this black crochet bralet. Over the top I referenced the shaggy coat trend seen at Mulberry and all over the catwalks with this amazing dip dye mongolian fur coat. I then accessorised with this cute pair of fox stud earrings from Warehouse and a co-ordinating purple roller hat from Topshop. I would love to wear this British inspired vamp look out and about in Bristol!

These boots would traverse well from night to day though. I think they would look gorgeous with tights and a simple dress for a day-time look... they also come in black or leopard print suede so it was pretty difficult just choosing this pair! Hope you liked this post, I really enjoyed doing it and remember you still have until monday to enter the competition if you want to!


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

monthly music - october

Hello again, here are my favourite tunes of this month!  After being in Bristol now for a month all the music I've been to see has been electronic... house, garage, dubstep, ghetto funk, drum n bass, electro swing... so for a change here is a selection of lovely pretty music with real instruments in!

number one: Gabrielle Aplin 'Please Don't Say You Love Me' I don't exaggerate when I say that I've been following Gabrielle's music for yeeears... back in the myspace days! This song, which is coming out as her debut single on the 18th of November, shows how far she has come from her paramore covers! I was nearly lucky enough to see her live at Larmer Tree... but unfortunately I didn't get out of bed in time... she sounded lovely from my tent though. I'm a sucker for a video that tells a story too, as you'll see from a couple of my other selections this month, and this one is beautiful. She has also uploaded this colourful stop motion style lyrics video.

number two: Misotu 'You da One' (Rhianna cover) Okay so it's not exactly my style to post about artists I found out about through the X-factor but this pop band with an urban edge from London just have beautiful voices and create beautiful harmonies! I hope they keep it up, because I'm excited to hear original material.

number three: Kodaline 'All I Want' This band came to my attention when my friend Jess posted it to her facebook wall. Such a beautiful and emotional song with an equally clever and moving video, brought a little tear to my eye!

number four: Jake Downs 'Seize the Water' Eighteen year old Jake is a talented multi-instrumentalist from Devon, I have been following his musical development from his very first e.p in 2009 until this, his first single. For me, his rich and sumptuous vocals on 'Seize the Water', embody hazy summertime adventure and so does the video which shows some beautiful views of South Devon. You can buy it and it's gorgeous more folky b-side 'the prince' here.

Can't wait to get out and about in Bristol and review some live music for you, hopefully going to see Lianne La Havas next week which will be amaaaazing! What are your favourite tunes of the moment?


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

12 fashion fixes - Chelsea Boots - IFB Project #67

Recently I have been hunting high and low for the perfect boots as after two years my dear biker boots have definitely kicked the bucket. So this weeks IFB project 'Shake your booties' is the perfect chance for me to show you the ankle boot styles this season that have really been catching my eye; from studded biker style with straps to cute western styles (look at the tapestry print ones in this post!).  I've also really loved the Chelsea boots this season, they were a big look last year too but have become softer and skinnier for 2012/13.

Chelsea boots originated in the Victorian and era and are ankle high with elastic sides, originally intended to be worn with jodphurs for riding. They were trendy in the 1960s among the 'mods' and were even featured in early Star Wars films as worn by the Stormtroopers! 

They're a classic item and I adore the modernised designs this season; all of the quirky colours, patterns and shapes. So here is twelve of the best picks from all over the internet, all pretty cheap as well.

My personal faves are one and two... and twelve... and eleven ... and six........

I got my own lovely black suede effect pair from peacocks before I left for uni, but I really want to invest in a good quality pair of boots that will last me a while! Which are your favourites from my picks?

Hope you enjoyed this post, what's keeping your feet cosy this winter?


Monday, 8 October 2012

eat : pie for tea at Pieminister, St Nicholas' Market

Unfortunately I haven't yet had the chance to take a great many pictures of my new life in Bristol but I'd thought I'd show you a couple of pics from when my parents were in town. My boyfriend was up visiting at the time so they took us out for lunch in the lovely St. Nicholas' markets. We had food from the wonderful Bristol based Pieminister who have been one of my firm festival food favourites for a few years... We've even got their recipe book! Unfortunately my favourite Heidi Pie (Goats' cheese, sweet potato, spinach and red onion... aahh my mouth is watering!) was sold out so I settled for a Big Cheese Pie which was super yummy, classic filling comfort food.

My cooking attempts at university have been pretty dire so far so this was definitely a much appreciated meal! I've been getting into blogs that feature recipes and food tips recently, do any of you know any good ones? I might delve down this path soon and show you some of my strange student budget recipes... cider & black ice lollies for breakfast anyone? Hope you are all well & hello new followers!

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