Monday, 27 August 2012

HAIR! final performance & costumes

So I've been pretty busy over the past month and haven't updated you with much of it... bad blogger! But on Saturday my lovely mother bought me a new mac book pro for university (I'm leaving in two weeks.... aaaah!?!) so blogging and uploading pictures and things will be lots easier. 

I told you back in May that I was going to be involved in a local production of Hair the Musical helping with the costumes as well as being part of the chorus... I can't sing or dance or act... so I was obviously having a moment of madness! Well the whole thing is over now and I can say it was definitely an interesting experience! Possibly not one that I will be repeating but I did have a lot of fun for the most of it. 

I didn't make all of the costumes but I made most of them, my favourite being the male protagonist Berger's (directly below) played by Vinnie. Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures but this one shows the fringed waistcoat I made from scratch off well. My textiles teacher would be proud! I made up a pattern and everything. I also really enjoyed changing some normal jeans into flares with some funky purple and blue paisley fabric they looked really groooooovy! You can see me in a little tie dye dress from (who have just got loads of new pieces in) in the bottom picture, second blonde from the right. I created a pinterest board with all of my inspiration throughout this project and it have become a lovely mix of sixties and boho inspired festival style and beauty so please check it out.

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  1. awesome! I really like Berger's outfit. Hair is one of my favorite movies and certainly favorite musical. :) I own a soundtrack and I also went to live performance once. Let the sunshine in always makes me cry. :,)

    1. Its such a great musical! I'd never heard of it before I did this, cause I'm from the UK, but I'm glad I did! x


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