Saturday, 21 July 2012

larmer tree festival 2012

So as promised here are the pictures from Larmer Tree (note: none of them are mine... I did take my camera but I left the battery in the charger... doh!). Larmer Tree is a little family friendly festival on the Wiltshire Dorset border, I go every year with my family and it's always lovely. I've been for the last eight years on the trot and I've got loads of friends who I only ever see at Larmer Tree too, which is nice.. Here's some pictures of all the highlights - mud, the asbo disco, my attempted picture with a Larmer Tree peacock who flew away, Mexican food, scrabble & dress up Saturday! The theme this year was 'All at Sea' so I wore a fantastic dress from Vintage Style Me which i will be posting more about soon and a feather crown that I made and went as some kind of sea Goddess - I leant my mermaid skirt to my friend Juby who made a crown to go with it out of some newspaper... that night we only ended up going in to the festival at half nine cause we were quite cozy, eating olives and painting faces :)

 My best purchase of the festival was from a little vintage store in the corner of the shopping area, this shiny silver skirt! I really love anything shiny and looove this skirt. My mum said I looked like a turkey in tinfoil though. Oh well!



  1. I love your skirt! Moms love to pick on our style, ha!

  2. Wowzer! You are one of those girls I always look at festivals and think 'How is she so well dressed?' while I'm in the same boring outfit! You looked great and it seemed like you had a lot of fun as well!

    I came across your blog through your post on the Company website, so thank you for sharing. I am following you now, hoping to see some more great outfits!

    If you have time to check out my blog at, I'd be delighted :) It's more about make-up but with some clothes as well :)

    Sarah xx

    1. Thank you so much! I wish I had more photos of me at festivals, I love to dress up, but I need to invest in a compact camera first!!! I love your blog too, keep in touch.

      Dulcie x


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