Tuesday, 10 July 2012

four fuss free festival hair fixes

So this is my first ever (and possibly last) hair and beauty post! Inspired by IFB Project #55 'buns, braids & waves, oh my!' I have put together my go to styles over summer - and some funny pictures of my face. All of these should only take five minutes each... all you'll need is a hairbrush, a hair bobble and some kirby grips (bobby pins to my readers over the Atlantic).. As far as product goes I never use any unless at a festival and then it is essential to get some good dry shampoo. My favourite is Batiste in Tropical, smells lush and if you spray it on your roots not only de-greases your hair but also gives you great volume.

number one : Au naturel, as my hair is normally, just down, parted to the side and with my undercut that I'm trying to grow back, pinned out of sight... also at the moment slightly green at the ends (honestly the dip dye made me look like a mermaid originally... I didn't always look mouldy!). If you haven't got natural waves like me but want to try the look, try style number three and when you take it out waves will magically appear!

number two : Quick quiff! Really easy, little backcomb, twist and pin... Good for when the front of your hair won't go right.

number three : Fishtail plait! Tricky at first, but once you get the nack, they're so much prettier than average plaits. There's a good tutorial here.

number four : Bun using a doughnut - I've seen loads of tutorials for this calling it a 'sock bun' too... Mine has a hair doughnut in it which was £1.50 from primark but you can cut the toe off a sock, roll it up and use that too. The trick here is too roll the hair around the doughnut, because otherwise you end up with loads of straggly ends... secure it with some pins at the end too.


  1. Love your hair!!!


  2. love the different looks! ahh i use batiste for volume too, helps that it smells good! xx

  3. L.O.V.E the fishtail braid but I just can't master it lol :) looking good though!


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