Tuesday, 17 July 2012

four fashion fixes - leggings

As leggings are such a versatile piece of clothing, they are a festival style essential. They and some of my new vintage pieces, more about them later, were what I was mainly rocking at Larmer Tree Festival last weekend... more about that soon too. My collection has been steadily growing recently so I thought I'd show you some of my new ones!

number one : Black and white striped leggings from River Island which I bought yesterday, the combination of the vertical stripes and the high waist is really flattering... I plan to wear them with my tail coat and a red army hat at Boomtown Fair.

number two : Leopard print leggings from Urban Outfitters, go quickly they're in the sale! They're made of a stretchy, glossy material which dries well in festival rain. I wore mine at Glade with a leopard print bralet and a fur coat... leopard ears and nose optional!

number three : Metallic gold leggings, I actually got these on boxing day in the Topshop sale, the stretchy material isn't very flattering especially around the crotch area so I have been wearing them under shorts!

number four : Blue galaxy print leggings, I got these for my birthday from my boyfriends mum, they're also from Topshop but I think they're sold out too. They look really smart with a sleeveless sheer white shirt. To get the original galaxy print leggings, and loads of other amazing styles go to Black Milk but only if you're willing to fork out quite a lot!


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