Wednesday, 18 July 2012

art as fashion - vivienne westwood and the wallace collection (continued)

Carrying on with my Art as Fashion series, I wanted to show you that Vivienne Westwood's unconventional AW 1990 portrait collection (see my last post here) wasn’t just inspired by the paintings in the Wallace Collection. As you can see here, juxtaposed with the ruffles and corsets were dresses and one- pieces in black velvet with gold detailing.

These were inspired by the Rococo furniture decorated with the Boulle technique (the technique of inlaying brass and tortoiseshell) by Andre Charles Boulle himself; she appropriated gold on black patterns like the one on the back of a 1713 toilet mirror, below, and changed them slightly to add her logo into the swirling details. I think her use the striking rococo pattern on a collection of different shaped garments is very visually effective.



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