Thursday, 31 May 2012


So I told you that I was getting involved in a local production of Hair! I thought I'd just share with you what that was all about and some of the promotional pictures that have been made for our production. I think they're pretty cool... the blonde girl bottom right is actually me, the picture was drawn over a photograph!

The "year" is 1968. The "place" is a park in the underbelly of Greenwich Village, NYC. Controversial and provocative ‘American, tribal, love, roc...k musical’ ‘Hair’ breathes new life in BadlyKeptSecret’s revival. Exploring sex, drugs and rock ‘n' roll, through dance drama and music, this evocative piece delves into the issues surrounding the human condition, pushing the boundaries of existence. Let the sunshine in with George Berger, as his hippie communion tells you of ‘peace, love, freedom and happiness’ as well as the pressures of the draft board, underage pregnancy and dropping out of High School. A not to be missed explosion of sound, colour and young talent.

I'm doing most of the costumes and I'm also a general member of the tribe called 'Zola' ha ha! I'm not a 'drama' type at all and I'm not really sure how I got into it but I love the cast and I'm having loads of fun :) If you want to see some of my costume ideas you can on my pinterest board here.

If you fancy keeping up to date with what we're up to you can visit our company BadlyKeptSecret's facebook page here and  if you live in the mid Devon and would like to come along to one of the three performances the facebook event is here!

Some songs you might recognise, I personally think that this cast look like they're crazy. Maybe thats the point.


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Another update!

I've got looaaads going on in my life at the moment! I officially finished college last week (UAL Diploma in Foundation Studies (art and design) - specialising in fashion and textiles) and I've been busy having loads of fun doing the class exhibition and going out several time for end of college drinks... looking slightly naked there...

I still haven't shown you all my outcomes for my last project so I've got heaps and heaps of stuff to show you. I didn't time manage this project particularly well though and had to pull an all nighter the night before the deadline to attempt to get it all done.. I only expected to get a pass because the quality of the analysis etc. was RUBBISH but on Friday I collected my results to find I had a Level 4 Merit! Happy days!

In other news, I got an email yesterday saying that I had finalised in the shoe competition I told you about ! :) So on Friday I get to go to Laaadieeeess Day at the Royal Bath and West Show, with special VIP tickets. Everyone who entered gets the tickets so a load of us from my college will be going, and there are prizes for best dressed, and best hat! I haven't got a CLUE what to wear.

In my last little personal update I also told you I was going to be involved with a play; I'm well underway with designing and making the costumes, will tell you more about it soon, also really busy rehearsing too! As well as that I volunteer as a Leader with the Girl Guides which I find really rewarding (most of the time) and I've been working towards my Leadership Qualification for that. I've also been working a lot to help pay for my summer :) Summer is my favourite time of year, starting to get really excited for festivalssss :) So far I've got tickets for Glade, Larmer Tree (which I go to every year), Boomtown & Beautiful Days, slightly less than last year but I'm poor at the moment! Ha ha, hoping to go to Shambala too if I can afford it!!

Looking at pictures from last year's festival deason always gets me excited!! Here's some of me stewarding with oxfam, beautiful days, glastonbury, Croatia, aeon, dressing up, the infamous party pants, a selection of head-dresses, chillin with P-Money and my lovely pink dip-dye which I actually let some boys do in a field! Ha ha, might get one again this summer what do you think? Eeeeeee I love summer! Has anyone else got any exciting plans?


Monday, 7 May 2012

art as fashion - vivienne westwood and the wallace collection

Today I'm going to talk about another designer who is known for taking ideas, inspiration and imagery from history; Vivienne Westwood; 'I am a great believer in copying; there has never been an age in which people have so little respect for the past'. In her ‘Portrait’ collection (Autumn Winter 1990) Westwood took appropriation to another level, wanting the models to appear as if they had just stepped out of a painting, inspired by many hours spend studying art in the Wallace Collection in London. She used the idea of ‘pastiche’ in this collection; not just appropriating images but appropriating styles and shapes from the past, the 18th century particularly, as she has done in many of her collections. Bringing the corset back in to style  is one of the most notable things she has done (along with other designers such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, think of his conical madonna bra adaptation). By being comfortable with a modern zip fastening the corsets in her portrait collection cast off their old representation as a symbol of constriction and restraint, becoming a symbol of female freedom and empowerment.

These 18th century inspired corsets feature photographic prints of paintings by Boucher such as ‘Daphnis and Chloë (Shepherd watching a sleeping shepherdess)’ (1743-5). Westwood came across this painting while in the Wallace Collection, a place she describes as a “jewel box” and credits as being one of her main influences, she says of Boucher’s paintings “they are so typical [of the 18th century], and so pretty… it’s just so light and, I don’t know, cynical” . To further emphasize the feel that the models had stepped out of a painting they were also wearing ten inch platform heels as you can see below.

Vivienne Westwood on the influence of the Wallace Collection on her work.


Saturday, 5 May 2012

clarks shoe design competition & shoe designer André Perugia

In class we were asked to come up with a design for a shoe design competition, the five finalists of which go to ladies day at the royal Bath and West show to showcase their designs... top prize a mulberry handbag and 2 weeks work experience with Clarkes, second prize is a weeks work experience with Tres Chic magazine! The brief was 'field to fabulous' - 'capturing the quintessential romance of British Rural fashion'.
My design is above; I took inspiration from the 1920s revival we have seen this year and country birds (the shoes later had a gold feather design along the back).. I knocked the whole thing up pretty quickly jususing the same themes as my final major project (more on that sooooon!) and also seeing the queen in Exeter on Tuesday! I'm not bothered about winning but I hope someone in my class gets through to the final!

Amazing evening shoes from about 1925-30, a picture I took in the newly and beautifully refurbished Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter features on my mood board. They are by Italian/French Designer André Perugia and showcase classic 1920s glamour.
I thought I would have a little look at his other shoes out of interest and came across some really kooky designs.

  1. Heel less! These original 'heel less heels' look a lots less comfortable that the current ones.. they remind me of ballet point shoes. To get the look now, my favourites are these suedey Jeffrey Campbell ones. Yum.

      2.  Inspired by Picasso one of his peers, Perugia designed the cubist creation above... you can see more links between fashion and art in my art as fashion series!
        3. Cut out wedge in black and gold, here you can see how Perugia's innovative, original and avant-garde designs have continued to inspire modern fashion for example in these Lanvin shoes as worn by Beyonce.  

For more art & vintage inspired modern fashion, come back soon because I will be exploring my new 1920s/bird themed fashion design project :)

p.s Hello new followers, thanks for the feedback! xo

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