Wednesday, 4 January 2012

new years resolutions!

1. Teetotal January!
Pretty self explanatory, after the excesses of December no more intoxicants for me!

2. Lose some weight by summer.
/ Generally get a bit more healthy. I am such a couch potato and I think for once I should probably make an effort to get a 'binkini body' a little more than two weeks before summer.

3. Get a job!
I hate being unemployed and poor.

4. Make more effort with my friends.
I am the laziest friend ever and I need to make a bit more effort, planning to go visit everyone at uni and stuff soon, but also try a bit harder with my friends who live near me... I am so lazy.

5.
As I have just applied to study English literature I thought I should read some more books as at the moment I read nothing but teen chick lit that I've had since I was thirteen and Harry Potter. Currently reading a free download on my iPhone (that Toby got me for xmas) of Pride and prejudice.
Has anyone got any suggestions?

6. Blog more!
I haven't quite got into the swing of things with this yet. I'm also really rubbish at remembering to to take pictures of stuff, or taking GOOD pictures of stuff, so from here on I pledge to blog once a week! ( I kept it low and realistic! Haha!)

These are all pretty generic resolutions! Has anyone got any tips and tricks for me? Or has anyone got a list of their own resolutions?


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