Saturday, 28 January 2012


Snood obsession at the moment. Furry ones are not just beautiful, comfortable, and cosy but they're also more practical than scarves, they don't fall in your food and get tangle round your body! Ha ha. I accidentally on purpose borrowed this one (below) from my friend for a long while it's so gorgeous, the fabric on the inside is super cosy; at the time it was £20 from River Island, so a little out of my budget but now its only a tenner!!
Here's my home made one though! I made it from an old muff thing that I bought from H&M and lined the inside with grey cashmere wool from my momma's cardigan that went funny in the wash. The pictures are from Saturday night on my friend's phone so I look a little bit crazy, they don't exactly show the snood too well either, but hey! It was a fun night ;)


Sunday, 22 January 2012

18th century style

Just a little insight into what I'm doing in my Fashion & Textiles course at college. Our starting point for our projects was Postmodernism, inspired by the exhibition at the V&A. I have decided to be inspired by the idea of 'pastiche', and taking ideas from the old. Vivienne Westwood does this in loads of her collections, particularly the 18th century, as does John Galliano etc. So yeah my ideas aren't fully formed yet, but watch this space!!!


Friday, 6 January 2012

the creatives - Lucky Jackson

I have decided to start a feature on artists who I come across and who inspire me! Today is Lucky Jackson's wonderful '365 Lucky Days' embroidery collection. I think each one is exquisite, I am definitely going to have to try out a similar technique soon, it would be a lovely thing to personalise with pictures of my friends and people on. Lucky is a self taught artist and you can visit her website here, her blog here and the whole gallery of her 356 day project (there's still half a year to go) here


Wednesday, 4 January 2012

new years resolutions!

1. Teetotal January!
Pretty self explanatory, after the excesses of December no more intoxicants for me!

2. Lose some weight by summer.
/ Generally get a bit more healthy. I am such a couch potato and I think for once I should probably make an effort to get a 'binkini body' a little more than two weeks before summer.

3. Get a job!
I hate being unemployed and poor.

4. Make more effort with my friends.
I am the laziest friend ever and I need to make a bit more effort, planning to go visit everyone at uni and stuff soon, but also try a bit harder with my friends who live near me... I am so lazy.

5.
As I have just applied to study English literature I thought I should read some more books as at the moment I read nothing but teen chick lit that I've had since I was thirteen and Harry Potter. Currently reading a free download on my iPhone (that Toby got me for xmas) of Pride and prejudice.
Has anyone got any suggestions?

6. Blog more!
I haven't quite got into the swing of things with this yet. I'm also really rubbish at remembering to to take pictures of stuff, or taking GOOD pictures of stuff, so from here on I pledge to blog once a week! ( I kept it low and realistic! Haha!)

These are all pretty generic resolutions! Has anyone got any tips and tricks for me? Or has anyone got a list of their own resolutions?


Christmas Collage

Part of Toby's Christmas present that I talked about making here, as you can see i had to redo the whole thing because the frame wasn't big enough. I'm really really pleased with it though and so was he :)
At the top there is a map of Venice with a ticket from an exhibition we went to there, a bit of a pizza leaflet and a picture of Toby in Venice. Then there is a map of Pula with a ticket from Outlook Festival, a picture of us in the Colosseum thing there and a food token. Next to that is a map of Bristol with a bit of a ticket to Shit the Bed at Motion which is one of our favourite places to go out. Next to that is a little map of Devon where we live in a little town called Hatherleigh, some pictures, a sticker from carnival and some pictures of us at my 17th birthday with a little cut of of the shirt he was wearing there :) It all ties together our year and nine months together.

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