Monday, 17 December 2012

christmas wishlist 2012

Hello everyone! Sorry for the unintentional break but I've been super busy with university deadlines etc. But now I'm back at home in cosy Devon for Christmas! Here's my Christmas wish list (hint hint mum) which just includes some nice clothing staples that will get me through til summer... My favourite colours at the moment are pretty festive :)
I'd love to see any of your Christmas wish lists so please share!


Monday, 3 December 2012

halloween costume #2 (again)

Sorry sorry sorry for more posts about halloween! I know its definitely over but I couldn't resist showing you some better pictures of our halloween outfits that just popped up on facebook today! To read about this outfit properly you can visit my original post.


Thursday, 22 November 2012

the creatives - 'the body image(s)' by Jes

I discovered Jes's blog The Militant Baker a few months ago and since then it has been a firm favourite. She's always up to loads of exciting and pro-active things and one that really caught my eye was her Body Image(s) project. It promotes the acceptance of ALL body types and rejects stereotypes of the 'perfect' body shape by showing women in all different shapes and sizes looking incredible. These are honest images showing skin, scars, cellulite and scabs but what you really notice is the smiles.
I was particularly interested in this as my A-level art exam project was about the changing idea of the 'ideal' body shape throughout history, I might show you some of my work as a follow up post. :)
She was kind enough to let me interview her and give us all some more insight into the significance behind the project.

Why did you start this project in the first place? Was there a particular thing that made you want to do it?
I am so inspired by the body acceptance revolution. My personal journey towards self acceptance started as I found an online community of women who loved themselves unconditionally; I felt like I could be a part of this. I also just finished contributing to the Sexy Lady Bookworms project and saw first hand the transformation in first time models and their self esteem as they were captured in a photograph. There is something about the camera becoming an honest third party and showing you that you are indeed beautiful. It negates any doubt that you may have in yourself. I love offering women a chance to have “proof” that they are exquisite.
What do you hope to achieve from the project?
Initially, I started this project to give women around the world a positive point of reference in which to accept and love their bodies. I know that seeing pictures of confident women that are my size gives me the boost that I need to stand a little taller and strut a little more confidently. This was my original hope, but it has evolved into so much more. I felt like I was really pressing my luck in asking for a dozen women in Tucson to bare all in front of my camera and ultimately, the world. When I put my request out there I thought “Ten. Ten is a good number, right? What the hell, I’ll ask for twelve.” I was so delighted and honestly, amazed when my inbox filled with volunteers. I still receive participation requests on a daily basis!
My main focus of this project has now shifted. Every female that comes to the location is greeted by a comfortable, emotionally conscious and sometimes silly photographer who truly believes that they are beautiful. I really, really do. This translates into the shots and the model eventually relaxes and embraces their body in the moment. Every single shoot ends with a “Thank you so much for a positive experience” and I am inspired repeatedly by the confidence that they leave with. This is reinforced when I send them several photos for their personal use and am met with surprise and excitement about how wonderful they look.
How many women have you photographed and what has the general response to the photographs been?
I believe there have been 16 or 17 shoots so far, and my Sunday openings are filled through January with more spots in February that will be opening up. I jumped right in at the beginning, booking my weekends with 5 to 6 shoots a day… and then I realised that I’m going to need to pace myself in order to be emotionally present for each woman that participates.
The response to the photos has literally been overwhelming. Through supporters in social media, the following has grown exponentially and is continuing to expand. I am so happy to see discussions on the Facebook photos, not only for the self esteem boost of the model pictured but also because we often address the issue of embracing ALL body types. Often, because many of the women are not “traditional” models there is a celebration of larger women, but demeaning comments about small women. I personally do not subscribe to the belief that fat women are beautiful and skinny women are sellouts. I believe that each woman has her own inherent beauty that is unquestionable. Every body is a perfect body, and this is a fact. The negative comments become a teaching experience, and I hope that people leave the site with a new perspective. This is what the project is all about: educating the public that beauty is not exclusive.
Why do the women you photograph want to be involved?
Almost every model has expressed anxiety about the photo shoot, but have forced themselves to participate because they know that their bravery will inspire others. Embracing their “perceived flaws” and confidently showing that self love is possible seems to override the initial nervousness. I find this so admirable.
Aside from the women in them, the images themselves are beautiful, have you been inspired by any particular photographers/artists?
Liora K has been working on a political and feminist photography movement that I participated in several times. This honest representation of female bodies most certainly helped me see how powerful physical vulnerability can be.
Have you got a particular highlight of the experience? 
I almost feel like I get more out of this project than the models! With every lady I meet my self confidence soars and my commitment to body acceptance promotion increases. I am a lucky girl! 

Thank you so so much to Jes I loved putting together this post!
You can visit her blog at The Militant Baker. You can also visit The Body Image(s) official site
or you can join in the discussion on the Body Image(s) facebook site - new images are being added all of the time!

What do you all think of the project? What have you seen lately thats inspirational?


Sunday, 18 November 2012

sweet stuff sunday #3

number one: Celebs with no eyebrows, surprisingly funny, here's my fave Emma Whatbrows?!

number two: Gabrielle Aplin on the new John Lewis advert! I love it so much, I wrote about one of her tracks in my monthly music round up before and I think now she's really made it :) In other exciting news I'm going to see her at Thekla on Tuesday!!!

number three: Birthdays. ♥ It was one of my flatmates birthdays on Tuesday so I made some cute cupcakes but on quite an original stand made out of beer bottles.

number four: I stumbled across 'Jewellery by Jaymie' today and I have to say I'm a little obsessed!  I loved these 'dapper cat' colar clips as soon as I saw them but I also love love love the little glass bottle necklaces and the ribcage necklace AND the sea shell collar clips  also the kitten in a tea cup necklace AND the frida kahlo necklace and.... the list goes on. Basically its great go check it out.


Saturday, 17 November 2012

monthly music - november

Helllloooo once again here are my monthly picks from the music world! This month, although all the tunes are not particularly new I've decided to mix it up a bit and put them into some categories to cover you from day to night. Hope you enjoy! Be sure to leave a comment! Also Jessie Ware fans (♥!) I saw her on Wednesday night so I should be putting a review up soon!

number one: STUDYING Lucy Rose 'Bikes' I'd heard people banging on about Lucy Rose for ages, but I hadn't really got round to listening to her as I haven't been that into acoustic music lately but I'm so glad I did listen! The twenty three year old from Warwickshire has such a soft and relaxing yet kinda chirpy voice. It is the perfect accompaniment to essay writing and I think I owe something to her debut album 'Like I used to' for the fact that I handed my first assignment in on time! Also the video for this song is so funny and not at all what you would expect! 

number two: GETTING READY Destiny's Child 'Say My Name' Cyril Hahn Remix You may not know but I am a HUGE Destiny's Child fan and weirdly this has only grown since I came to uni. This is the bestest ever remix ever ever ever  and I can't stop listening to it.

number three: COMING HOME SBTRKT 'Hold On' Here's another artist who chooses to eliminate vowels from their name! This is super beautiful and the vocals by Sampha are sublime, really nice before bedtime tune. I'm looking forward to seeing sbtrkt at motion tonight!


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Movember for the ladies!

image source: movember

So we're half way through November now and you may have noticed some of the males in your lives sporting a little more facial hair above the lip than usual. If you're feeling a bit left out from 'Movember', you can sport your own 'hair tache' from the wonderful online Misbehave boutique. I think its really cute and quirky :) But remember Movember is all about raising money and awareness for men's health; you can sponsor someone or donate money here, it goes on all around the world so get involved!

image source: misbehave boutique

Oh and just to finish off (and if you can't persuade your boyfriend to grow one for the cause) here is some moustachioed totty in the form of French actor Gaspard Ulliel, yummy.

image sources:  edited by me

Friday, 9 November 2012

TREND autumn/winter 2012: Aubergine

As well as being one of my favourite vegetables, one of my favourite hues this winter has to be aubergine! Wearing purple is traditionally associated with royalty and importance, from the Romans in their togas from Queen Elizabeth the first and her family, due to how expensive the dye was; it used to be only be made from mollusks from Lebanon... honestly! Now it has a variety of connotations (this is the one that always springs to my mind) but it is such a yummy, rich colour it has always been present in my wardrobe.

autumn winter fall trend aubergine purple fashion
image source: edited by me

Victoria Beckham uses the colour strikingly in a sporty take on this season's oversized coat whereas Lanvin's Alber Elbaz has used block colour in a hyper feminine peplum silhouette. For Roberto Cavalli Naomi Campbell models the catwalk finale, a gorgeous dress dripping in embellishment. In contrast Aquilano.Rimondi have used complex and sumptuous print to convey the colour. And to round it all off, another beautiful example of block colour in this stunningly elegant piece by Neil Barret which stands out amongst the sharp tailoring in the rest of his collection.

autumn winter fall trend aubergine purple fashion
image sources: below, edited by me

number one: Lanvin for less at Dorothy Perkins.
number two: You may recognise these snake effect brogue beauties from DUO boots because I wrote about a pair of matching chelsea boots a few weeks ago!
number three: Pretty cord bracelet from Yiskah Knits on Etsy.
number four: 'Eggplant (or aubergine to us brits): 75 delicious recipes' by Ofir Jovani on Amazon.
number five: Roller hat and dress, both from Topshop.

Thanks for reading and hello all you new followers! :)


Sunday, 4 November 2012

sweet stuff sunday #2

number one: Dream But Do Not Sleep's new collection! My good friend Max's clothing line has just released its second collection. Check it out at the website here and feel free to like the Facebook page in order to find out all the latest news and be in with a chance of winning free clothes!

number two: These nails are so christmassy and wonderful!!! (Yeah I'm feeling christmas vibes already!) They're modelled on the hands of Rachele at one of my favourite blogs The Nearsighted Owl.

number three: My favourite fancy dress of halloween so far, my friends as a 'washing line' at a house party last night.

number four: Derren Brown Apocalypse. Freaky real life Halloween fun. Derren convinces a man that it is the end of the world (complete with zombies and everything) in order to make him re-asess how much he takes his day to day life for granted! If you didn't catch it definitely catch up on 4od.... It's intense!


Thursday, 1 November 2012

halloween costume #2 !

I mentioned the other day that I had not one but two halloween costumes! So here is my wonderful zombie bride outfit from when I went to the Just Jack Halloween Freak Boutique at Motion on Saturday night. There aren't many pictures but you can just about get the jist of my GIGANTIC EIGHTIES wedding dress (was a fiver by the way!) and my wonderful groom's top hat and tails combo! I ruched the bottom up November Rain style which looked amazing but even still a two meter train was a little bit annoying in a massive warehouse/club. Well worth it though.

image:  November Rain dress (i.e. my favourite thing ever) from here edited by me

What did you all dress up for halloween as!? Leave your links here please, I love to hear from you! Plus I might be dressing up again this weekend, so I need inspiration!


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

witching hour... easy halloween costume!

1. Most supermarkets 2. Topshop  3. Glamorous 4.  River Island/River Island 5. Nails Inc 6. Topshop

This season's gothic trend makes it quite easy to translate your current wardrobe into cheap and easy halloween costumes! For a Halloween house party I went to on Friday I wore a skirt similar to this (but a bargain £10 one from Primark!) and a cheeky little sequin witch hat from Poundland. Unfortunately I didn't get a full body pic of the outfit but here are some snaps of the rest of the party-goers, I think the wolf costume is my favourite... close second comes Juby in ladies lingerie and a red tail-coat.

My costume effort on Saturday night was pretty spectacular though, I might show you some pics of it soon!

Sorry this post is a bit picture heavy again, but there were too many funny moments!

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