Saturday, 28 January 2012


Snood obsession at the moment. Furry ones are not just beautiful, comfortable, and cosy but they're also more practical than scarves, they don't fall in your food and get tangle round your body! Ha ha. I accidentally on purpose borrowed this one (below) from my friend for a long while it's so gorgeous, the fabric on the inside is super cosy; at the time it was £20 from River Island, so a little out of my budget but now its only a tenner!!
Here's my home made one though! I made it from an old muff thing that I bought from H&M and lined the inside with grey cashmere wool from my momma's cardigan that went funny in the wash. The pictures are from Saturday night on my friend's phone so I look a little bit crazy, they don't exactly show the snood too well either, but hey! It was a fun night ;)


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