Friday, 6 February 2015

Glitzpiration : glitter makeup looks


So as you know may know glitter is actually my job, or at least the act of putting it on other people's faces is! Although I've been doing it for quite a while I still love new inspiration. These are some slightly more subtle looks (subtle for me anyway!) that you could wear on any night out, I love holographic/irridescent glitter to add subtle shimmering colour and the delicate star sequins are beautiful. There are some seriously great metallic eyebrow looks on here too, I got the fantasy eyeliner from Lush for Christmas, it's an excellent way to get a bit of metallic into your look without glitter.

Visit our page on Facebook, Shiny Happy People, to see where we'll be glittering next!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

dulcie's feathers X kyran low

These pictures are from early last year when I loaned a headdress to stylist Kyran Low and I've only just come across them, I love the make-up! What do you think? Have a look at more feathery goodness and collaborations here.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

A day out : Bristol Zoo

On Saturday I got treated to the best ever hangover cure; a lovely day out at the zoo! My friend Rosie (above) volunteers there with the birds so she was our guide. Aside from playing around with all of the interactive displays (apparently they were for children whaaaat) and getting a bit freaked out by the seals, we saw loads of great things like my new favourite animal which is the Capybara. Apparently they are actually the world's largest rodents! You can see two of them having and swim and a cuddle below.


Saturday, 31 January 2015

shambala '14

Dulcie Feather, feather headdress, festival style, actionwear, Shambala
This year was my first at Shambala. I was lucky enough to be able to go there as part of The Fashpack; a wonderful face painting collective who host a range of independent festival wear designers within their amazing immersive tent. This year the theme for their space was 'glitter and twisted', circus freak meets disco chic. They had interactive games and best of all a 'secret snoozalum' in a bell tent out the back where you could go for a little rest! It was great to spend a weekend with a load of likeminded ladies swapping wares and meeting lovely customers.

Though I didn't get to see much of it in the daytime, the festival itself was so lovely, already one of my firm favourites. With a capacity of 10,000 I personally think it's the perfect size; intimate but big enough you'll discover new things everyday. The crowd is diverse, there's definitely a big family contingency which I always think makes for a better overall vibe... but thats not to say that there was no nightlife! The music venues are varied and cute and apparently theres a wide range of workshops and stuff going on in the daytime. My highlights were the little things like going on the chairoplane, hiding in the woods after closing time and watching the sunrise by the fire.
Dulcie Feather, feather headdress, festival styleShambala, drag friday

Shambala, tipple tassels, festival style, festival,

Thursday, 29 January 2015

moodboard & mixtape

moodboard, mint, lilac, diy, Chanel SS 15 Couture, Eclectic Eccentricity, house of jam, vintage

Moodboard & Mixtape plus #ThankfulThursday : Things I am grateful for this week.

Keeping busy, and keeping it varied : The most apt example of this was that I was invited to Bristol's first ever Boiler Room yesterday, where the mighty Eats Everything played in his favourite Bristol chippy (of course)... I then had to leave early to go and run a rug making workshop with my Girlguide group!

live music : Missed out on tickets to see my ultimate favourite lady Laura Marling when she plays Thekla next week.... but spoke to one of my friends who works at the venue and he's taking me!! Also going to be reviewing Hudson Taylor and another one of my favourite ladies Lucy Rose next month for WestWorld. Lucky me!

d.i.y hair : Have faith in your kitchen scissors. I've been putting off getting my hair done for ages now cause I didn't want to splash out but I finally tackled my fringe myself and I'm quite pleased with the results...

Mixtape 005 : 

01. 'False Hope' - Laura Marling
02. 'Fire' - Meadowlark (for Burberry acoustic)
03. 'Idle' - Peggy Sue
04. 'Winter' - Daughter (Warpaint remix)
05. 'Bey Shing' - Jordan Rakei
06. 'Greek Tragedy' - The Wombats
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