Monday, 15 September 2014

Son Caméléon launch party

dulcie's feathers, feather headdress, glitter, pom pom, sequins
 A few weeks ago I was invited to sell headdresses at the launch of Son Caméléon where I also got the chance to work in and look around the amazing Old Malt House and their venue/studio/amazing roof garden set up. The event lasted all day and combined music with a free (and delicious) lunch and dinner all in aid of launching the wonderful Son Caméléon; a 'pedal powered party platform' made of gorgeous recycled materials. I spent the day meeting some lovely creatives and swapping makes.
pom pom, chameleon
dulcie's feathers, feather headdress

Monday, 8 September 2014

WestWorld issue 4

I completely forgot to share the last issue of WestWorld from the end of last term. This one was created under a lot of deadline stress so is pretty short and sweet. We're already well underway with the September issue and we've combined forces with the music and entertainment section so this year looks like its gonna be pretty exciting!

Monday, 1 September 2014

my top ten glastonbury moments 2014

glastonbury 2014, sunset, flags,
I've finally got my disposable cameras developed (three of them just for Glastonbury!!) so I can share with you highlights from my all-time favourite festival. This year I have compiled a list of my top ten favourite wonderful moments and generally other things that I can actually remember to go alongside the pictures... it feels like so long ago already! 

1. The Ministry of Happiness; just a chance encounter with some hilarious street theatre that happened to produce the happiest picture on the planet (see Henry's face above after having received some serious 'smile hammock' treatment)...  Above that you can see me getting my happiness levels checked and my name being changed to Joy-cie rather than Dull-cie; which was deemed far too dull to be conducive to healthy happiness levels!
Greenpeace field, glastonbury, polar bear, New york Brass band
2. My first happy cry of the weekend came about when we stopped to watch a bit of New York Brass Band whilst walking through the Greenpeace field. I had just purchased a really tasty chilli and it was raining; New York Brass band played a cover of 'You've Got the Love' (which I had seen performed by the original singer Candi Staton at Glastonbury 2010) and I proceeded burst into tears over my dinner, much to the amusement of my friends. 
 3. Friday was girl power day! Firstly we got the incredible chance to be in a small crowd of only about 100 people listening to the inspiring and legendary Vivienne Westwood deliver a talk on fracking... not only was this the most exciting thing ever as we have all been Dame Viv fans for years but it was also really educational and interesting. Join the climate revolution!

 4.  Later in the afternoon I got the chance to see the amazing Haim again with my old festival buddy Elle and my friend Jen. You can see us in Elle's picture above stood dancing on a bench as far back as the food stalls but even from that distance Este's notorious bass face did not disappoint. Rolling drum solos and epic sing-a-longs were the perfect soundtrack to the most ominous cloud I have ever seen in my life (see above)... but somehow we were blessed by their Californian spirit and the rain held out for their whole set!

5. The storm did come however and apparently was so ridiculously violent (thunder, lightning, hail, the whole shebang!) that the Pyramid stage had to cut Rudimental's set short... I however had no knowledge of this as I had managed to time a mid-afternoon nap and clothes change perfectly and missed it all. Hurrah! When the storm finished we had our last girl power sesh of the day and went to splash in some puddles to Lily Allen who was awesome and made 15 year old me very happy.

Friday, 1 August 2014

* shiny happy people glittering *

festival, glitter face paint, gold, sequins, colour, festival style, gems, lace bindi
(my serious glitter face)
In my last post I briefly mentioned my latest festival venture : glitter face painting!! Last weekend my friend Oriel and I were lucky enough to blag a stall space to do glittering at Secret Garden Party and in a week of frantic ebay buying, van sorting and glitter practicing 'Shiny Happy People Glittering' was born! 
dulcie's feathers, festival, glitter, face paint, festival style,
dulcie's feathers, festival, glitter, face paint, festival style, turquoise
dulcie's feathers, festival, glitter, face paint, festival style,
We've been casually glittering ourselves and our friends at festivals for years so you can imagine how exciting it was when our bulk buy of glitter, gems and sparkles came in the post! Being a professional glitter fairy is definitely my new favourite job... Before I share the pictures from our wonderful weekend, here's a few shots of some last minute practice we managed to get in the weekend before. 
dulcie's feathers, festival, glitter, face paint, festival style,
dulcie's feathers, festival, glitter, face paint, festival style, gems, rhinestones, glitter eyebrows
I'd love to know what you think of these early designs. Have you indulged in some glitter this summer?You can see our facebook page for a sneaky preview of last weekend, or visit Dulcie's Feathers to see more of my headdresses. 

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Field Guide Launch

I've been so busy going to festivals and events that I haven't had time to write about any of them! Hopefully in the next week I'll try and catch you up with what I've been doing... get yourselves ready for an onslaught of posts and pictures.

At the beginning of June in the Platform Bar at Netil House in London I was lucky enough to be invited to sell at the launch of online festival lifestyle magazine Field Guide, which I've been blabbering on about for ages, here's what happened that evening

My friend Claire and I arrived early to help to set up for the evening's festivities; lots of trademark Field Guide red and white stripes draped around and festoons of fairy lights everywhere. We also got a chance to meet Anika from Urban Face Designs who glittered us up before the party kicked off!

Next to my little stall was the inimitable Charlie Gates from Mind Like Magpie, whose headdress you can see Claire sporting above. You can also read a great feature about her and her arty accessories on Field Guide. To the right of me was fellow Bristol designer Lydia Cooper, who you can also see above. Other familiar festival clothing institutions Puckoo Couture and Fudd Hoods were also present. 

My gorgeous songbird friend Lucie Zara, who I have briefly mentioned before, opened the night's musical entertainment and was glorious as per usual... I can't wait to tell you the story of her surprise set at Glasto!!