Thursday, 1 September 2016

My favourite spots at glastonbury 2016

Glastonbury, stone circle, Dulcie's feathers, silhouette
Glastonbury, festival, flags

This year was my sixth visit to the greatest farm in the world (and the little festival it happens to host in June).  Being a regular is great because I no longer have the insatiable need to be visiting everywhere and seeing everything at all times (an attitude which always disappoints) but also I'm lucky enough to have top glasto-geography skills which mean I tend to always be able to find my way to something fun.... even with no mates and only a couple of hours to kill between shifts!

This year I was working as an artist liaison at The Blues stage in Silver Hayes therefore this post is the furthest thing you could get from a definitive guide to the festival but just more like little taster of some of the most memorable spots I visited on my time off.


One of my favourite little stalls at Glastonbury where you can buy and post postcards from the site!  I remember breaking my phone charger back in 2011 when I was 18 and Oxfam stewarding and sending one of these to my parents as a way of keeping in touch! It's quite a funny read and even complete with genuine glasto mud. This year I popped in with my friend Max on our way home from the crew bar Maceo's (at a later time than I care to admit) and sent one to my grandma!

Piano Bar 

Not as closely guarded a secret as it once was, and apparently now twice the capacity, nevertheless the piano bar can still be regarded as one of Glastonbury's biggest mysteries. We found ourselves here after the last set on the hell stage on Monday morning, being accidentally nimbly guided through the back entrance by a friend who had been on site for a month. The venue is cut slightly into the ground and made out of wood - there's no electricity at all and people crammed into all corners of the tiered seating. When we visited at 8am on Monday morning there was Turkish band playing acapella to a completely silent crowd - it was pretty magical.

Glastonbury festival, Silver Hayes, The Blues
Glastonbury Festival, The People's Front Room, China Bowls

The Blues

I had to include where I worked all weekend! The Blues stage and it's impressive shanty town-esque frontage (above) sprung up in silver hayes about four years ago and has been a firm favourite of mine since then - the ultimate destination for a bit of daytime dub. It's run by the mighty Mungo's Hi-Fi sound system and this year I was lucky to be part of a fantastic team working as an artist liaison. The highlight of my weekend there definitely has to be watching the legendary Ms Dynamite-eee-eee!

The People's Front Room

Always my festival refuge, this year the PFR was placed near to the South East venues entrance, definitely a good resting stop if you've hand your brain bamboozled by the one way system and arrived at peak time. Don't be mistaken though, it may look like just a relaxing living room area but the PFR definitely has its own fair share of rowdiness! This year I managed to incidentally time two of my visits with my friend China Bowls performances (above) which was lucky. If you're heading to Bestival this year keep an eye out for their new bigger and better venue.

Glastonbury Festival, Boo-dior, glitter
Glastonbury Festival, Boo-dior, glitter


Pre-dating the recent explosion of festival fashion, where everyone and their dogs are sequinned and feathered up to the hilt, the Boo Dior in Silver Hayes is ran by some of the original festival fashion don dada's Glittermasque, Fuud and Puckoo Couture. As well as getting yourself super glitzy and festival ready here you can also chill and catch some tunes, we spent a fabulous Sunday afternoon with our wellies off dancing to disco on their big bed.

Stone Circle

All roads lead to the stone circle! Sunrises at this ancient site, and the mornings that follow, are in some of my best Glastonbury times... It's the best time to bump into people you know and catch up about the previous night's adventures. This year had to be my best ever stone circle morning... after hours of drizzle the sun came out for a Monday miracle, we bought half a wheelbarrow full of vodka jelly shots and you can imagine the mischief that ensued afterwards!

Glastonbury festival, silver hayes, sonic stage, rainbow

Stay tuned for the lowdown on the most gorgeously sunny Secret Garden Party that I attended last week, read previous festival posts and, as always, keep up with me on my instagram. Have any of you attended any festivals this summer or do you have any planned? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!


Thursday, 28 July 2016

Sunrise at Meadows in the Mountains '16

Meadows in the Mountains, sunrise, Bulgaria, wanderlust, Dulcie's Feathers, Sean Delahey
I can't believe that it's been more than a month now since I was perched on the summit of a Bulgarian mountain at one of the most special parties on the planet - Meadows in the Mountains Festival. Summer goes by so fast!

This year I was working for the media and marketing team - see me above, definitely not posing, in the Landrover with my radio. It was an incredible experience and a pleasure to be a part of such a fantastic event and work with such an inspiring team but it did mean I didn't take many photos for a blog post.

But whilst I'm catching up on other festival posts (hold tight for Glastonbury & Secret Garden Party updates!) I thought I would provide you with a little taster of my Sunday morning birthday sunrise with these stunning photographs captured by my talented friend Sean Delahey.

You can read more in depth posts about last year and see my photographs from the journey and the festival in my two part account. I'm already unbelievably excited for next year - will I be seeing you there?
Meadows in the Mountains, sunrise, Bulgaria, wanderlust, Dulcie's Feathers, Sean Delahey
Meadows in the Mountains, sunrise, Bulgaria, wanderlust, Dulcie's Feathers, Sean Delahey
Meadows in the Mountains, sunrise, Bulgaria, wanderlust, Dulcie's Feathers, Sean Delahey
Meadows in the Mountains, sunrise, Bulgaria, wanderlust, Dulcie's Feathers, Sean Delahey


Monday, 18 July 2016

Outer space Festival Fashion selections ready for Secret Garden Party

My favourite July festival, Secret Garden Party, is this weekend! SGP is aaaaall about the dressing up and this year's theme is 'The Gardener's Guide to the Galaxy' so I have created my own personal gardener's guide to the galaxy of garms split into three different spacey themes to give you a heap of costume inspiration, hair and beauty ideas and introduce you to some fabulous festival designers.

Space is definitely a regular festival fancy dress theme but that's cause it's perfect for whacky, sparkly ideas. Bestival's theme this year is 'The Future is Here' so there could definitely be some crossovers in your outfit buying! There is a huge wealth of space related popular culture to mine for ideas but your costumes are really only limited to how wild your imagination can go... The main thing to remember is to grab your towel and DON'T PANIC!
Secret Garden Party 2016, alien fancy dress, space costume, glitter make-up, holographic rain coat, Burnt Soul, Fuud, sequins, festival,

O t h e r w o r l d l y

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft! For all you wannabe extraterrestrials what you do with your hair and make-up is essential. Sequins, glitter, metallic lips and scale effect face paint are all ways to get that alien look. If you don't want to do your own facial embellishment be sure to visit the Miss Lippy crew who will be able to jazz you up on site. I love this holographic rain-coat from Topshop - considering the weather at SGP last year a rain coat is a vital addition to your packing. This silver leotard/swimsuit from Burnt Soul is great (that panel in the middle is reflective!), throw this iridescent teal sequin cape from Fuud on top for instant martian chic.
Secret Garden Party 2016, space themed festival fancy dress, costume, Barbarella, space babe, h0les, laquadaze, pink alien, space cadet

Retro space BABE

For this look think laser guns, helmets, antennae, silver boots and conical bras. For hair go full on Barbarella blow-dry or opt for a bright shiny bob wig... This mega-shouldered shiny dress is the epitome of this look - find it on CoquetryClothing on Etsy and be sure to look through the shop for more similarly whacky designs. For something a bit more versatile I love this stretchy pink galaxy two-piece from my friend at Laqadaze - you can get one at a discount on the Crowdfunder she is currently running! For the ultimate in galactic accessories these kaleidoscopic glasses from h0les are trippy perfection.
Secret Garden Party 2016, space theme fancy dress, seven of nine, Leia, star, shooting star costume, glitter, sequins, festival

*Star* Girl

The classy answer to space babe, be a classic sci-fi character: Princess Leia in her robes, Star Trek voyager's sexy cyborg Seven of Nine, Farscape's Aeryn Sun, a time lord of Gallifrey... can you tell I really used to be into sci-fi? Or be a star yourself in this Crown and Glory headband and for glitz go for this gold flaked glitter pot from Dust & Dance - best thing is about buying from them (aside from their fabulous selection of chunky glitter mixes!) is that 10% the proceeds go towards YoungMinds a young people's mental health charity.

Find all the picture sources on my pinterest and stay tuned for a write-up about That Thing's festival designer showcase I attended on Friday. You can see my Secret Garden party adventures from 2014 here and follow me on instagram to keep up with all my festival fun this summer.


Sunday, 17 July 2016

5 lunches for less in Bristol with Wriggle

Going out for food is one of my favourite things to do but unfortunately definitely not something I can always afford! So when restaurant deal app Wriggle contacted me about trying out their app I was obviously intrigued...

The Wriggle app offers deals at a wide range of independent eateries across the city. These deals have a variety of timeframes and price levels attached. You just choose your preferred option, pay through the app and turn up for your food with the code you've been sent. Simple!

Many of the options cater for two people, so they can provide a great excuse to take somebody out or simply to get out and about with a friend.  They're really veggie friendly too, so I'm a happy girl.  

The best thing about Wriggle for me though (apart from the money saving) is that it's a great way to discover new places. I think we're all guilty of falling into tried and tested routines, getting content in a food rut and having a narrow list of places we return to. This is a shame as there are gazillions of great places out there, we just need to have the incentive to step inside. The Wriggle app has opened the door to several great new places to me which I've previously simply passed by. One significant bonus is that Wriggle painstakingly hand pick who they promote, you won't be seeing any 'normal' or 'boring' eateries here!

Proven Pizza

Eating out in Bristol, wriggle, pizza, proven
Eating out in Bristol, wriggle, pizza, proven
Wednesday lunch date with Ross. 
We both had 2 x any large slices which was £7 for both of us instead of £10!
Proven in the city centre opened late last year and is a great option for a cheap lunchtime bite. These are not your normal sized pizza slices either - I would normally scoff at the idea of ordering only one pizza slice at a time but I was so full after ours! We both tried the vegan option of sweet potato, grated beetroot and crispy kale and I also had a slice of roasted aubergine and goats cheese. Ross opted for a slice of spiced chicken, bacon and avocado with an additional side of homemade guac - it's the perfect option for grabbing a super cheap snack but without compromising on the taste.

The Arts House

Eating out in Bristol, wriggle, The Arts House, Stokes Croft
Eating out in Bristol, wriggle, The Arts House, Stokes Croft
Pre scrap-store lunch with Indi.
We had two toasties, side salads and coffee for £9.95 instead of £15.20. 
I've been to the Arts House a few times, it's slap bang in the middle of Stokes Croft and is super cosy and comfy inside. They've also got a tiny intimate venue downstairs which I've been to some cool events at before. We went for mozzarella, pesto and tomato toasties which were so filling. As it was a sunny day when we visited we made use of the outside seating to catch some rays and watch the world go by.

Tuk Tuck

Eating out in Bristol, wriggle, Tuk Tuck
5 LUNCHES FOR LESS IN BRISTOL WITH WRIGGLE: Bibimbap, tuk tuck, dumplings pan-asian
Study date with Tamsyn.
We had any 2 Pan-Asian mains and 1 portion of dumplings for £11.95 instead of £16.50.
This little Asian fusion cafe hasn't been open for long but it's just beside where I used to catch the bus to uni so I've been wanting to try it out for a while. We chose the bibimbap and tofu salad box for our mains and it was super healthy, yummy and fresh. Tamsyn was a particular fan of the peanut sprinkles in the salad box and I loved the dumplings - I think it was somehow the first time I had tried them (!?)
I even came back the week after to sample the salad box deal which was £3.95 instead of £5.

Just Ground Coffee Kiosk

Shopping trip with Georgie and Lydia.
We had three iced coffees for £4.50 instead of £9.
Just ground is a little blue kiosk placed next to the fountains in the centre of town. I picked up three iced coffees for half price to spur us on our morning shopping trip.

Wise Bean Café

Work lunch date with Tamsyn. Unfortunately no sexy mid-munch mug shot with this one soz. 
We both had organic soup with raw veg salad which was £9.90 for both of us rather than £12.
This year I discovered that I am the most productive whilst working in cafes (a fact that my bank balance is not such a fan of) and for productive vibes this little cafe is a perfect find!! Situated on a corner in Stokes Croft (opposite That Thing and on the turning to Lakota) I have no idea why I hadn't clocked it before. It's super light and airy, with good wifi and all the food and drink is mega healthy and delicious... I would definitely recommend their carrot juice which I had after my latte.

£20.45 total savings, 3 new eateries discovered and 10 lunches all for less than £50!

Use my code YMCDSW to get £3 off your first purchase on Wriggle... You can also read about my other food adventures here!


Sunday, 19 June 2016

Dulcie's Feathers at Love Saves the Day 2016

Love Saves the Day, Dulcie's Feathers, feather headdresses, Bristol, stall
Love Saves the Day, Dulcie's Feathers, feather headdresses, Bristol, stall
Love Saves the Day, my local two-day festival in Bristol, heralds the start of my summer festival season every year. This year I was back in the Bristol Bazaar selling my wares with the fabulous girls from Neat Frontage. We were also stocking Capes Capes Capes and Tezla Designs jewellery in our tropical sparkle emporium... our stall was a veritable feast of festival fancies as you can see above! P.S look at the amazing banner my friend Ross made me??

The weather was sublime all weekend, I didn't catch much music but we had super yummy picnics and cocktails every day at the stall and a constant stream of friends coming to visit which was lovely. Obviously I went to a few (a few too many) after parties too and we finished the weekend at Motion as is tradition!

Since then I've been busy working a few face painting events with The Fashpack and I've just returned from an indescribable trip to Bulgaria for the ridiculously beautiful Meadows in the Mountains festival where I spent one of the best birthdays ever... I'm 23 now y'all! You can keep up with my adventures on my Instagram - next stop Glastonbury!

Love Saves the Day, Dulcie's Feathers
Love Saves the Day, Dulcie's Feathers
Love Saves the Day, Dulcie's Feathers
Love Saves the Day, Dulcie's Feathers
Love Saves the Day, Dulcie's Feathers
Love Saves the Day, Dulcie's Feathers
Love Saves the Day, Bristol, Neat Frontage, Dulcie's Feathers
glitter girls, Love Saves the Day
Love Saves the Day, style, festivals,
How cool are these chicks?
My Nu Leng, Love Saves the Day, Motion, Bristol

You can read all my blogs from previous years at Love Saves the Day; 2013, 2014, 2015 as well as my style spotting post from last year on the Festival Hunter.
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