Thursday, 26 November 2015

Ice & Pies : Christmas time in Bristol

For some people its the Coca-Cola truck advert, for others its the first door of their advent calendar... for me often its a festive blogger event that marks the start of my Christmas!

I met up with some blogger babes a couple of Friday nights ago to embark on an evening of winter activities beginning at Pieminister in St Nicholas' market. It was the weekly night market and so busy that we could barely wiggle our way through to our seats. The Christmas lights were being switched on as we were taking our seats by the one and only Bristol legend Big Jeff!
Gormless pie face / pie in face-face
If you've read my blog for a long time you'll know my love for Pieminister. I visited it in St Nicks market when I had just started uni (so long ago!) and supported their Cattle Drive charity campaign... I also may have cried with happiness into one at Shambala this year. So this was my ideal Friday dinner!

We were lucky enough to be trying some pies from the new Christmas range before they went on sale to the public - the vegetarian offering was the Christingle, a honey roast parsnip, mature cheddar, leek and chestnut pie. I also detected a bit of cranberry in there which was a super Christmassy touch! Of course it was accompanied by the whole shebang, or 'The Mothership' option, a generous helping of creamy mash, minty mushy peas, mature cheddar cheese, shallots and of course the finest veggie gravy.

Pie anticipation from Sophie and Amie
It wasn't an eating context (but I definitely won)
After our dinner we waddled down to At-Bristol and were blessed with a pretty decent gap in the evening's torrential rain to have a whizz on the lovely out door ice rink there. Me and Tara took to the ice like some very clumsy ducks to water and I even managed to pry Amie and Sophie away from the rail a couple of times!
Sophie from Saints on a Plane,  Hayley from Ceriselle, Victoria from She and Hem,  me looking like a christmas bauble & Amie from Credit Crunch Chic.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Another issue of WESTWORLD done and dusted! In this one I was lucky enough to interview the lovely Robyn from Burnt Soul for our 'how did I get here?' feature... a must read for any budding designers and business women!

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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Kate MccGwire's fearsome feathers at the RWA

I've been a fan of Kate MccGwire since I was doing my art foundation. I stumbled across her work whilst researching for a bird themed projected and was immediately smitten... you could say that she spawned my fascination with feathers ever since! 

Back in September I got my first chance to see her work in the flesh at the RWA where she was doing a join exhibition with Peter Randall-Page. Her uncanny sculptures (look closely, they're all made from feathers!) were just as I'd imagined they'd be in real life and certainly didn't disappoint, the large and bright space in the RWA was perfect for them. I particularly enjoyed some of the framed pieces which were something I hadn't seen as much of before - could be a really interesting thing to try and recreate myself. 

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Capes capes capes... and some more capes at Shambala Festival

This summer after much encouragement/nagging from myself, my good friend Lucie finally started making her fabulous sequin capes to sell! At Shambala festival she got a stall in The Fashpack tent with me and they were so popular that she nearly sold out...

The cape you can see here was kind of the don of all capes though, the most glorious specimen... and as such Lucie didn't know quite how to price it, so decided to hold a raffle. You can see a video of it being drawn here... it gets pretty tense!

Naturally we couldn't give it away until we had some photographs documenting its marvellousness, so voila! 

Here is me on two hours sleep prancing around in a borrowed Puckoo Couture catsuit (matches my hair so good, right?) trying not to get any mud on this wondrous creation. Even though I was in the midst of a festival I still got some funny looks whilst pulling super hero poses in the mud...! 

All of these snaps are by Lucie's lovely & talented boy Ben. You can see more of her creations or contact her to order one on her Facebook page; capes capes capes!  

I will be posting about the rest of my Shambala festival soon... in the meantime have a look at my post from last year's festival

Tuesday, 13 October 2015


First issue of the year for the uni arts & culture supplement I edit. Even though its just a little mini issue, I'm particularly pleased with how nicely this one came together in such a short space of time! I've freshened up the design for this issue & I'd love to know what you guys think.

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